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Hello, everyone. Margaret here. Welcome to DatingWit. Here you can find pointers on dating etiquette as well as other pointers on dating. Someone gave me the title of Relationship Analyst, and I’ve come to accept it.

As a former registered nurse, people often told me that I made them feel better. Sometimes they came only for a Band-Aid. Other times they came for advice on issues related to health or even issues unrelated to health. Sometimes they even came for advice about relationships.

As a nurse and as a writer, I studied people’s moods, their body language, and their interaction with others. It wasn’t difficult to tell how one felt about the other just by observing them. It’s basically common sense, or as I like to think of it, dating wit.

As someone who studies human nature, I discovered a novel way of helping people.

It started over twenty-five years ago when I found myself in a hotel meeting room in Indiana where a woman addressed a small group of us. 

She eyed my name badge and said to me, “Margaret, write a few short sentences on this piece of paper.” 

She advised others to do the same with the pens and paper before them on the table.

The woman analyzed everyone’s handwriting. I thought she must have been a seer when she told me detailed information about myself that no one could have known! Not even my family or closest friends. She told me, among many other things, that I was a loner, a perfectionist, and a daydreamer.


How could she know intimate things about me from just a few pen strokes on a scrap of paper? But I was hooked since that day, and years later, I studied hard to become a graphologist. I took a course and graduated from the International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS).

Since that time, I’ve had clients who I helped through their dating perplexities and doldrums by analyzing their handwriting and helping them to peer deep into their personality at traits that may be sabotaging their dating success. Some people are excessively domineering, jealous, and angry. It’s all revealed through analysis. With the handwriting samples before me of two people who are in a relationship, I can highlight their areas of compatibility as well as areas that will likely cause head butting.

The intrigue of handwriting analysis coupled with knowledge of dating led me to write a how-to book called Frogscratch: Handwriting Analysis: Dating in the Millennium.

Although I state that handwriting analysis is for entertainment purposes only, it yields startling results!

Knowing that daters don’t always have samples of handwriting at their disposal, I also wrote a book titled Oh, Body! The Things You Do. This is a how-to book about body language. Your date may say one thing with his or her words, but the body will confirm or deny them. The body never lies.

Whether you’re at this site for dating tips or to have your handwriting analyzed or to learn about body language, you found the right spot. Make yourself at home.


Thank you for analyzing my handwriting, Margaret. I am amazed at how accurate you are.

Diane M., Homewood, IL

Wow. I’ll develop now the strong points of my personality that you saw in my writing.

Karl T., Bloomington, IN

Margaret, you nailed him! But how could you tell so much since he only printed?

Cheryle R., Chicago, IL

Margaret, wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to do the analysis of my handwriting. How fun and interesting. You provided some insights that ring true regarding my life experience as well as some ideas to consider… this was a really nice treat for me.  

Alisabeth B. Santa Clarita, CA

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