What About Casual Dating Alternatives? 
Could One be Right For You?

Knowing about casual dating alternatives may help some who don't feel as though they belong with the rest of society.They feel different in some way. Some may be openly rebellious while others may just drift quietly into a corner to be by themselves. 

Growing up, Cory’s classmates saw him as a typical nerd. You know, the brilliant type, probably because he’d read every book his peers could name. Cory was self-absorbed to the point of forgetfulness.

He was uncomfortable around people and preferred to work alone. As an adult, Cory created beautiful paintings and sculptures and other objet d’art that he sold online. 

But in matters of the heart, Cory was shy and fearful of talking with females. He did not know about casual dating alternatives. But lucky for him, he eventually discovered an alternative dating site called Silent Dating (silentdating.com). Here, members do not talk. They communicate by passing each other notes.

This would relieve Cory from wondering if his voice would crack when he tried to speak or if words would choke in his throat. And Silent Dating would let him know that he was not alone in his timidity.

Knowing about casual dating alternative sites can be an aid to those who consider themselves goths, punks, emos, metalheads, and those who have very little real estate left on their body due to piercings and tattoos. 

 Learn About Casual Dating Alternatives That Include These Subcultures…

Graffiti Subculture

Goth:This subculture began in England during the early 1980s where it developed from the gothic rock scene.These members sport dark fashion such as black clothing, dark eyeliner, black fingernail polish, pale face make up, hair that’s dyed black, and black period clothing of the Victorian era. Much of their music encompasses different styles that include gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk, darkwave, neoclassical, and others.  

Punk: According to Wikipedia, thissubculture makes up anarray of ideologies, fashion, visual art, dance, literature and film. Its concept centers on the promotion of individual freedom, anti-establishment views, non-conformity, and is characterized by a loud, aggressive genre of rock music called punk rock. Its followers are known as Punks. Punk fashion includes offensive T-shirts, leather jackets, jewelry, tattoos, body modification, and Dr. Martens boots. Punk hairstyles include spiked Mohawks. 

Emo: This youth subculture, according to the Urban dictionary, is a social group that characterizes an emotional person; hence the name emo. This emotion can range from happy to sad to mad. Emos have a unique style of clothing--preferring to wear all black most of the time--including band shirts and skinny jeans. They wear their hair in fringed bangs. Stereotypically, emos are known to cut themselves. Actually, some do, some don’t. Emos listen to rock, metal, and post hardcore music. 

Metalhead: A metalhead is a member of a group of musical listeners who often listen to classic rock, blues-rock, classical, and opera based music. Metal heads traditionally have disdain for the close-minded and the mainstream population. The majority of them tend to be liberal. Their music lyrics are often peppered with political meaning, independence, and pride. Some people, though, consider metal music as having satanic themes. 

Knowing about casual dating alternatives will let nerds and others know that there is a place in society for them. Those interested in alternative dating have a growing selection of groups to which they can join. They can check out the link below.

21 Bizarre Dating Sites you won’t Believe Actually Exist, lists fascinating sites for alternative dating. These sites include Fat Bastard Dating, GothicMatch, Farmer Wants a Wife, Meet-an-Inmate, Vampire Dating, Clown Dating, and more. 


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