Beautiful Cursive Handwriting Can Hide a Surprising Secret

Got a beautiful cursive handwriting? Have people admired you for it? Let’s take a deep look at a sample and find out what it truly means. 

How Do I Love Thee? 

When you think of beauty, you probably take symmetry into account. The letters lean consistently in the same direction and the space between lettering is also consistent.

There’s rhythm to the writing, predictableness, and neatness. Pen pressure is even and pleases the eye.


Beautiful Cursive Handwriting Also Means That the individual Values Line Symmetry and Color

The above sample writing respects the base line, which is even. This is line symmetry.

Beautiful handwriting will not hop on and off the base line, going above or below it, unless it’s done in a consistent manner. If so, this will represent a different style of writing, which will reflect a different pattern of beauty.

Below is an example of a writer who doesn’t pay much attention to the base line.

Hopping on and off the base line

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you probably would chose the first sample as having more beauty than this one.

But he does this writer value color? Yes. See how dark the writing is? This indicates an appreciation for color.

You’ve probably heard your mother say, “Everything has its place and put everything in its place.” This points to organization. If you have beautiful cursive handwriting, you’re likely organized.

As a neat freak, you pretty much know where your belongs are. And you find it disconcerting if things are out of place.

How does having a beautiful cursive handwriting fit into your black dating experience? Since you’re structured and organized, you value being in control. 

Having beautiful cursive handwriting, you control the movement of your writing instrument. And if you have tight control, you will likely have a tendency to attempt to control your date, other people, and situations.

If you have a temper and you try to control it, it will reflect in your writing, often through an attempt at forming perfect letters and even spacing.

But here’s the kicker… At some point you will lose control. A tightly wound spring is not stable. It’s virtually impossible to maintain control for long.

Having Beautiful Cursive Handwriting,You Control The Movement Of Your Writing Instrument And Similarly You Attempt To Control People And Situations. 

When you’re on a date, when you get triggered, you may have an outburst. The frequency will depend on how tightly wound you are.

These outbursts or loss of control events can occur when you're with your date, with other people, or even with a pet that mistook your green carpet for outdoor grass.

Factors that lessen your tendency to lose control are indicated by other traits in your handwriting sample.

For instance, does your handwriting reveal an effort at self-control? If so, it will put a damper on your outbursts. Are you the quiet type who hates public display? This will help you keep a lid on it. Realize though, that an outburst, great or small, will occur at some point.

These flare-ups may not just be verbal. If your significant other triggers you, you may bleach his jeans or let the air out of his tires.

Beautiful cursive handwriting sometimes includes fancy curlicues at the beginning and/or at the end of letters.

Oh, Body!

These curlicues show fancifulness that can range from a bit of flirtatiousness to that of being a showman, loving the spotlight. Actors often display this ornamentation in writing.

Having beautiful cursive handwriting often hides a sword in its beauty—the personality trait of needing to be in control. The inevitable loss of control, however, results in some level of unrestrained behavior.

This person, whether a flirt or a showman or a just a regular person, may be hard to deal with.

Note that the sample writings above are extreme handwriting examples. But those who attempt to control themselves will have beautiful cursive handwriting similar to the examples above and in varying degrees.

 “One’s greatest challenge is to control oneself.” –Kazi Shams

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