The Best Casual Dating Tips May Be Something You Don’t Want to Do…

The best casual dating tips may include forgetting about your past relationship. But is it that easy to forget if you’re obsessed? You may be stuck, thinking about the good old days when you and your ex laughed nonstop, when you told each other secrets, and when you went on fun adventures together.

You feel that you will never meet anyone like him again. And you’ll be right. Everyone is unique. No two snowflakes are even alike. But you cannot forget that the good old days weren’t always good either. Major problems in the relationship may have caused the breakup.

The best casual dating tips encourage you to look forward, not backward. But dealing with an obsession can seem insurmountable.

An obsession is a thought or idea that won’t leave you alone. It intrudes into your mind. It interferes with what you’re doing and demands that you pay attention to it.

The Best Casual Dating Tips Help You to Resolve Past Matters in Order to Move into New Relationships

Being stuck is to be stagnant. Whatever isn’t growing is wearing out. Obsession is an addiction that stops you from growing.

This morning, a neighbor rang my doorbell. When I answered the door, she asked me if I’d seen anyone suspicious around her home; she’d had a break-in. She knew who it was—her ex. He was making her life a nightmare. She had a restraining order on him for what good it did. Since she didn’t catch him in the act of breaking into her home, she couldn’t tell the police that it was definitely him. My neighbor says that he didn’t take anything from her home. He moved items around and left footprints, just to let her know he’d been there. Although it was possible that the break-in could have been someone else, she knew it was her ex because she had computers and other valuables in her home that were not taken, including money left in plain sight. She was depressed that she’d become his obsession.

My neighbor said that she would install cameras around her house and be extra vigilant. 

If she's an animal lover, she might want to get a dog. It doesn't have to be tough. Just its loud barking might deter the intruder.

  Here’re Some of the Best Casual Dating Tips for my Neighbor’s Ex and for Others Who Have an Obsession…

  •  Find something else in which to become interested. In other words, short-circuit obsessive thinking by running interference with it. Take that vacation you’ve been putting off. An exciting trip to Jamaica might do the job. Perhaps this is the time to start painting again.
  • Talk about your obsession with a couple of trusted friends. Venting releases pent-up emotions and may help you to become unstuck. Friends may give you just the answers you need to get you moving again.
  • Realize that the good old days are not worth holding your future hostage. And they certainly aren’t worth, as in the case of my neighbor’s ex, possibly facing trouble with the law. Realize that the good old days may not have been that good after all.
  • Get moving—literally. Take a yoga class. Feel your body stretch into new positions as it releases knots and tightness. Do T’ai chi on the beach. Place yourself in different and pleasant surroundings.
  • Meditate. Feel the calmness of your mind gently pushing out obsessive thoughts.

When the best dating advice is something you don’t want to do, do it anyway. When you’re no longer hogtied by obsessive thoughts, your world will blossom with greater opportunities. 

Who knows? Mr. Right might be right around the corner. And has been waiting for you.

“Don’t stay stuck in the past. If you’re yearning for the good old days, just turn off the air conditioning.” –Griff Niblack in Indianapolis News.

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