Birthday SMS for Your Lover Lets Him Know That You Really Care

Birthday SMS for your lover can convey your deep felt love when a card is nowhere to be found. Besides, more and more people are glued to technology these days and messages delivered electronically may be expected more than a physical birthday card. 

SMS stands for Short Message Service and was invented in the 1980s. It is one of the oldest texting technologies and has survived the test of time by being the most widespread and frequently used texting service. 

When you send a birthday SMS for your lover, know that you’re using a universal technology that is supported by all mobile networks and devices today.

All you need to start texting over SMS is another person’s phone number, which is what makes SMS a popular channel for businesses to communicate with customers and to chat with lovers alike. 

Texting through SMS is more immediate than email. SMS allows 160 characters on the screen before it carries over to another screen and continues. You may want the birthday SMS for your lover to remain under 160 characters or continue onto the next screen. It's up to you and it may not matter that much.

What matters most is the message.

So what do you have in mind to send him in terms of a text message? Think of topics you two like to discuss or things you two like to do. What about a humorous topic? What about a topic that involves cute animals? What about a topic about nature? Subjects stretch to infinity. 

When you send a birthday SMS for your lover, don your creative hat and let those creative energies flow. The more original, the more meaning it will have for him.

How about something like the following when you encountered a spider and he was there to help you?

Happy Birthday to a great guy who saved me from a small, harmless—but scary spider!!!


Happy Birthday to a wonderful lover who brought me a flower every day in the month of May.

When you Send a Birthday SMS for Your Lover, Pictures are a Plus...

While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, words plus a picture will add deep meaning to what you’re trying to express.

This is why greeting cards contain pictures more often than not in addition to words. In this way you give your message a double whammy.

With so many online graphic design sites, it can be fun to put together a birthday SMS for your lover. I created the one above about smiles in Canva.

 Why is it Important to Send a Birthday SMS for Your Lover?

 It’s important to send your cool guy a text because you want him to know you’re thinking about him. It may also be because you have a desire to love someone and for that love to be given back in return.  

Raj Raghunathan Ph.D., contributing writer to Psychology Today, states that the desire to love and the desire to care for others is hard-wired in us because these enhance our levels of happiness.

Dr. Raghunathan goes on to state, “Expressing love or compassion for others benefits not just the recipient of affection, but also the person who delivers it… it appears that even small acts of kindness generate just as much happiness as do lofty acts.”

Sometimes we don’t have the money or the time to give or prepare a birthday gift to a lover. Knowing that he would appreciate a small gift such as a birthday SMS, gives us a deep feeling of satisfaction.  

"The Need to Love." Psychology Today. Accessed June 22, 2019.

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