Black Senior Dating Involves Knowing if Your Partner is Your Soul Mate

Black senior dating suggests that you’ve probably had some past experience in dating. When you first date, you learn about yourself, what to do in certain situations.

If your partner stands you up, you react by crying, becoming angry, shrugging it off, or by calling him. Therefore, you learned about yourself, reacting in whatever way you did.

You learn about yourself through how others react to your behavior. Your date tells you that you being late for a meeting ruined other people’s plans.

You come to realize the far-reaching consequences of your behavior on others—in this case—the need to be on time.

Of course on the road to black senior dating, you learn not only about yourself but about your partner as well. He might want to bring his friends along on the date. And you learn how to tell him that this is inappropriate.

Or he might have financial difficulties and you learn to help him without putting yourself at a disadvantage.

During black dating, when you learn not to be too critical of your date or even too yielding, you learn to strike a balance. You come to see life from his point of view and not always from your own.

You learn about him through observation and by listening to him. You don’t accuse him of being unfaithful for no reason.

 Don’t search through his cell phone.

If trust is broken, it may take time a lot of time to restore it. Rebuilding trust is a process. Of course, trust may never be restored and an otherwise viable relationship can be lost.

You also should not take him for granted. When he goes out of his way to please you, even if it’s something small, acknowledge him. In this way, he will continue to do those little tasks, and sometimes the big ones, because he knows you genuinely appreciate his efforts.

And strive to do those little things for him as well. An effort in this area carries a lot of weight.

Black senior dating suggests that you know when a relationship is not working. You may stay in one too long because you feel that you can work out your differences, when in fact, the relationship lacks those elements that make it a viable one in the first place.

John Gray states in Chapter 2 of his book, Mars and Venus on a Date, that there are fundamentally four types of chemistry between dating couples:

  • Physical: this produces desire.
  • Emotional: this produces affection.
  • Mental: this produces interest.
  • Spiritual: this produces love.

Gray states that all four types of chemistry are necessary for couples to become soul mates. He also states that physical chemistry alone is short-lived and therefore is not enough.

But when souls are attracted to each other physically, emotionally, and mentally, then this can be a lasting love that can become richer as the years pass.

“All you can do is create the right conditions for that person to discover what chemistry is possible,” Gray says. “You cannot just drill a well anywhere and find water."

In Black Senior Dating, Sometimes You Feel Palpable Chemistry Between Your Partner and You.

But unless all four types are there, you’ve not likely met your soul mate.

And even if you have, it doesn’t mean that you can put your relationship on automatic pilot and enjoy unimaginable bliss. You still must work on your relationship, but the potential for love and richness with that special someone highly favors you.

As a black senior dating, I’m sure you know the above information. But it never hurts to refresh your memory. 

And one tidbit of information that may have been obscured in the recesses of your mind may now come to the forefront to jumpstart your relationships, making them stronger and better than the ones of your younger years. 

You may now be able to recognize and appreciate your soul mate.

Gray, J., 1999, Mars and Venus on a Date. HarperCollins Publishers, New York, NY.

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