Black Singles Dating Today Will Encounter Many Personality Types

Black singles dating fairly often will meet women and men with many issues. This includes those with personality disorders. One such disorder is narcissism.

It is not a disorder that you can see. The person may look and speak without casting suspicion on his character.

It’s only after listening carefully to him (or her) that you get an uncomfortable feeling in his presence. You may not know exactly the kind of person you’re dealing with but here are some facts about the narcissist…

A narcissist is a person with a personality disorder who has great interest in or admiration of self.

This person has an inflated sense of self and has difficulty in interpersonal relationships. He is often hostile, especially if you threaten his ego.

When black singles dating today attend parties and events, she will meet the gentleman, the intellectual, and the professional.

She will likely meet the narcissist too. In other words, the narcissist is found in all walks of life.

According to Greek mythology, the nymph Echo was in love with Narcissus. She died grief-stricken when she failed to win his love in return. As she faded away, the echo of her voice trailed.

Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, condemned Narcissus to spend the rest of his life admiring his own reflection in a pool of water. When he died, he was turned into a flower that bears his name.

Just as Echo perished pining over a love beyond her reach, black singles dating may also have a lonely and dismal fate if they’re involved with a narcissist. People find it extremely difficult to stay sane in a relationship with one.

  Can Black Singles Dating in Society Spot the Narcissist?

Preston Ni, psychologist and contributor for Psychology Today, gives tips on spotting the narcissist. 

You know you’re dating a narcissist when: 

  • He hogs the conversation. Your views, if not in alignment with his, may be dismissed. Or he might correct you by often saying, “but here’s what you don’t understand…” or “I’d explain it to you if I had the time.” He’s a superior being, a god of sorts, and he’ll let you know it—often.
  • He shows little genuine interest in you unless you’re doing something for him.
  • He borrows money with no thought of paying it back.
  • He shows little remorse.
  • He does not return favors.
  • He grandstands, trying to impress others by letting them know that he’s better than they are.
  • He feels entitled. Others owe him because of who he is or who he thinks he is.
  • He can turn on the charm especially when you have something he wants.
  • He’s extremely sensitive to criticism and, if criticized, might pick a fight or turn a cold shoulder. But he’s quick to judge and criticize others.

  For Black Singles Dating a Narcissist... 

Check this out...

  • Realize that the relationship will be one sided. It will be about him, not you.
  • Realize that there will be hostility in the relationship unless you cater to him nonstop.
  • Realize that when you no longer please him, he will drop you like you’re hot.
  • Know that you cannot change him.
  • Know that he will be averse to knowing your thoughts and opinions unless they are in praise of him. He simply won’t want to hear you. (Go stand in a corner somewhere!)
  • Expect to bend over backward for him.
  • Expect to come out of the relationship with self-esteem issues.

Black singles dating the narcissist will do well to pick up on his type of personality early before some sentimental feelings form. It will be harder to break up with him after being together for a period of time, despite the ill treatment.

As with any abuse, it can be insidious. The individual may not realize why she doesn’t smile or laugh or have as much fun as she previously did. When she does realize it, the relationship has gone on far too long.

Narcissism exists in all races of men and women.

A man may unknowingly bring a narcissistic woman home to meet his mother. It won’t be long, however, before he regrets it. BOLO—be on the look out—for this trait wherever it rears its egotistical head.

Quote spoken by a true narcissist:

“That’s enough of me talking about myself; let’s hear you talk about me.”



Ni, Preston. 10 Signs That You’re in a Relationship With a Narcissist.Psychology Today. (2014). Retrieved 12-07-17 from:

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