Create Black Singles Personal Profiles With Mr. Right in Mind

Create Black singles personal profiles that are fun and unique. These profiles should reflect your personality and include something exciting, humorous, and/or quirky.

This will encourage that someone who’s searching for someone like you to find you faster. Limericks can be fun ways to break the ice

Edward Lear (1812-1888) was a 19th century English artist and writer of this type of fun and nonsensical poem that usually ends with a twist.

The limerick got its name from the people of Limerick, Ireland who were fond of Lear’s poems. In one of their refrains, they chimed: “Will you come up to Limerick?” The name limerick then became associated with the poem.

Initially limericks were used as nursery rhymes, but in Ireland, they turned into brawdy versions that spread into their many pubs and taverns.

Limerick Day is May 12th in honor of Lear’s birthday

  Let Your Black Singles Personal Profiles Reflect Your Fun-Loving, Creative Side

Jill Mack is creating her Black singles personal profile. She feels that a limerick will serve as a great icebreaker. She has had a love of limericks since middle school when she studied them and created an endless number of them.

One of her class assignments in middle school was to bring in an original limerick to share with the class. Limericks came so naturally to Jill that she wrote several of them. One student was sad because she couldn’t think of a limerick to write about and therefore didn’t have one to share with the class. Jill gladly gave her classmate one of hers.

Everyone in the class shared their limericks. And the teacher gave an award to the student who she felt had the best one. The classmate with whom Jill had given her limerick, unbeknownst to the teacher, won. It was a bittersweet moment. Someone else had gotten credit for Jill’s work but at least it was a praiseworthy moment that Jill felt to her core.

  When Considering Her Black Singles Personal Profile, Jill Recalled That:

The limerick is a 5-line poem where the last words in lines one, two, and five rhyme, while the last words in lines three and four rhyme. Stressed syllables are those with emphasis when you speak them, while unstressed words are not emphasized.

For example, in the line “There once was a woman named Jill, the stressed syllables are “once,” “woman,” and “Jill.”

The limerick’s first two lines use three stressed words, the next two use two, and the last can use two or three.

Jill Mack hopes that when she puts her limerick on her black singles personal profile site, her match will be able to appreciate it and perhaps respond in like manner. You never know who’s into what.

There once was a woman named Jill,

who had a very strong will.

She put her profile on a site

and found Mr. Right!

Now they do Netflix and Chill

 Jill couldn’t stop at creating only one limerick since she loved them so much. Some she could use for her black singles personal profile. Others she could save on her computer to retrieve for fun times and inspiration. When her black dating experience landed her a date, they could have wine. She could also share one or two limericks with him. Wine and Limericks—what a combination!

There once was a woman named Mack,

who made a living on her back.

You don’t know what I mean

so keep your thoughts clean.

She painted ceilings, lying on a scaffold rack

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