Black Soul Dating Includes Knowing How to Turn on the Charm

Black soul dating includes reaching deeply into your essence in order to bring out your charming side. (My other article on Black Soul Dating talks further about this type of dating.)

While charm is not necessary in order to have a dating relationship, it certainly ramps up your chances for having a successful one.

You’ve come across people who are so charming that you and others want to constantly hang around them. Charmers are good at uplifting other’s spirits. The development of charm has its roots in the psyche, that deep and mysterious and powerful realm.

Black soul dating includes knowing that we all have charm. For some, this comes naturally. For others, it takes a bit of work to bring it to the forefront.

But it’s worth it.

If you are charming too, people have often told you that you are. Do you have that natural charisma, that easy smile, that politeness? Black soul dating includes all of these and more.

And if it doesn't come naturally for you, then no, you don’t have to go to charm school. You’ll recognize that charm is a pea that shares the same pod with good manners.

Often they are one in the same. 

 Black Soul Dating Includes Understanding the Tips Below that a Charming Guy May Possess

  • His smile is genuine. He makes you feel important because he’s attentive to you and even mirrors your gestures. He smiles when you smile. His face shows concern when yours does. This is a sign that you’re bonding.

  • He would rather agree than disagree. Disagreement leads to arguments. This does not mean that he must agree with everything you say but he’ll strive to find points of agreement. However, if he strongly disagrees, he may give his point of view but not for argument’s sake. It will be for the sake of sharing how he feels. And he will do so in a non-confrontational manner.

  • He lets you know that he’s not perfect. Telling of a little embarrassing situation that happened to him conveys to you that he knows he’s not above reproach. He’s a tad vulnerable like everyone else. He pulls the corner of his mask down a bit, you know, the one that everyone wears.

  • The charming man exudes power and a quiet confidence. He seems fearless and gives you the impression that he’ll not let anything or anyone hurt you. 

  • He knows just what to say to put you at ease. He has a pleasant voice. 

  • He asks open-ended questions to get you to talking. And yet you know that he’s genuinely interested in what you have to say. He makes you feel that you’re a fascinating person. And to him, perhaps you are.

  • When he talks, he doesn’t hog the conversation. He knows when to talk and when to listen.

  • He’s not starting at his cell phone. His attention is on you. He’s a gentleman.

  • He isn’t anxious around you, but relaxed.

  • He treats everyone with respect, even those with menial jobs. 

  • He’s able to admit his mistakes and is quick to apologize.

  • He remembers the little things about you. 

  • He has a mystique about him. You sense that there are many cool things about him that resides below the surface of his being.

Black soul dating includes knowing that he will probably not have all the points listed above, but he will have some. And he may even have other awesome points not listed. 

Think of your favorite handsome debonair celebrity. Doesn’t he seem to exude the qualities above? He’s smooth, right? His voice is soulful and you believe that he could make you feel that you’re the most important person in the world. 

When you’re with a charming guy, it seems as though time flies. And when you’re apart, time seems to crawl. (Okay this may mean that you’ve fallen in love.)

If you don’t feel you possess charming qualities, cultivate them. And hope that the handsome guy you have your eye on is doing the same or has already done so. 

Black soul dating includes realizing that a bond can form between two charming people destined for a successful relationship.

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