Let These Black USA Dating Rules Give You a Leg Up in Finding "The One"

Black USA dating rules are necessary in the beginning of a relationship because they act to help keep dating adventurous and safe. Black Americans, as those of other countries, seek lasting love. In order to find it, they will do well to periodically review all the rules in their knowledge base.

Black mothers and grandmothers and fathers and grandfathers have traditionally passed down life's  lessons to their offspring. These lessons include those related to dating.

They tell their daughters to be back home at a certain time. They tell them to act like ladies. They tell them to be safe. They also tell them to call immediately if the date goes awry and if they need a ride back home.

These same Black USA dating rules apply to the young men.

These parental figures hope that their sons and daughters grow up to be respectable and loving and successful people, despite problems that beset the Black community.

Blacks often have to navigate the waters of poverty, joblessness, homeless, lack of education, addictions, and teenage pregnancy.

In order to circumvent these problems, the Black community encourages its youth to get a good education. This leads to obtaining a good job. Learning how to handle finances and living below your means is also sage advice.

The Black community also encourages marriage before having children. The father and mother comprise the backbone of the family in which children can thrive.

When it comes to black dating, having a good handle on these values and knowing the type of individual you’re dating will increase your chances of choosing wisely. If you cherish great values, you will look for the same in a mate.

One important Black USA dating rule is for you to realize that you’re going to need patience. At the same time, you’re going to need to recognize when your relationships are not working.

Often the problem is due to the fact that the guy with whom you’re involved is just not the right person for you. Initially you’re attracted to his rich baritone voice, the swag in his walk, and the mystery in his eyes.

But there comes a time when you feel something isn’t right about the relationship. He likes loud music and grumbles when you ask him—even kindly—to turn it down. He also becomes critical of how you wear your locks and the way you wear your makeup, and the types of clothes you wear.

Recall the dating rule of patience in order to find the right guy. Yes, he's out there.

It’s unusual to stay in a permanent relationship with the first person you’ve ever dated. It takes having dated several guys to find the one with whom you harmonize.

During these dating experiences you learn about others, but more importantly, you learn about yourself. You come to realize that you don’t give your heart to a guy just because he has a rich voice or an awesome swag. That’s surface stuff.

You need to know about his character. It would be advantageous to discover his salient qualities, such as if he has:

  • vision
  • patience
  • high morals
  • a sense of humor
  • consideration for others
  • a penchant for hard work
  • the ability to keep his promises
  • ambition to progress in a life’s career
  • the determination for being law abiding

Learn to Cultivate the Black USA Dating Rule of Patience

Discouragement and tears may accompany your dating experience. When you think things are going one way only to realize they’re going in a different direction, a piece of your world breaks off at the far corner.

The world often views older people as wise because they have been through the fire of black dating experiences and have emerged scorched but wiser. Much of this wisdom, you are still learning. Of course if you’re older, you’re still learning as well.

Some of those involved in Black USA dating give up on finding true love while others around them are enjoying happiness with their mate. Patience and persistence are necessary ingredients that come into play when looking for a love.

"By persistence the snail reached the ark."–Charles Spurgeon

"The art of love is largely the art of persistence." - Albert Ellis

"We have to recognize that there cannot be relationships unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is love, patience, persistence." – Cornel West

If your goal is to find a life partner, let these rules give you a leg up. Dry your eyes, wise up, and persist.

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