Can Your Handwriting Reveal Fear?  

Can your handwriting reveal fear? The short answer is an emphatic yes. The long answer is that it not only reveals your fears but it also shows how you attempt to combat them, in other words, what defense mechanisms you use to neutralize fears, whether real or imagined.

You’re aware of the fight or flight response to danger, I’m sure. 

Another response is the deer in headlights where the individual is startled into paralysis.


With the question on the table: Can your handwriting reveal fear?, and with the answer being yes, we can explore more deeply the fight, flight, and startle responses. But first take a look at some of the fears you may be facing. These are only a few.

  • Indecisiveness is when you’re unable to make a decision given choices. This is problematic to some people for fear of being stuck with an unpleasant consequence. “If I’d only kept my mouth shut, I wouldn’t be in this trouble.” The next time you’re faced with needing to make a decision, you may have difficulty making it.
  • Self-castigation is when you beat yourself up over something you said or did. You berate yourself. Perhaps it’s because you’re indecisive. “Oh, why can’t I ever make up my mind?” Or perhaps when you were on the casual dating scene, he said that you needed to shed a few pounds.
  • Sensitiveness is when you let the words and/or deeds of others upset you. While sticks and stones do break bones, hurtful words seem to break bones also.
  • Withdrawal is when you turn away from the world. For whatever reason, you don’t want to be engaged with others.

Can Your Handwriting Reveal Fear? Let’s Take an Even Closer Look

Pick one of the above fears, any one. Okay, let’s take the trait of self-castigation. Let’s see how to spot that stroke in handwriting. The final stroke of a letter whips up from right to left and angles down over the writing.

What might be your defense to feeling that you need to belittle or persecute yourself? While there are many defenses, here are three and you may use more than one at a time. You may become…

  • Argumentative
  • Vain
  • Reticent

Your fight might entail becoming argumentative. If your date is critical of your weight, you can put him in his place, saying, “It’s obvious you don’t appreciate me. I appreciate myself for who I am, and I’m not about to change for you!”

You might decide to flee from belittling yourself by believing that you’re superior to your accuser (vanity). He’s just an underling who judges people on the surface, not realizing that true beauty lies within.

Your defense to being surprised to his reaction about your weight could be to just keep quiet about it (reticent). Maybe he was right. Maybe you do need to lose a little weight. Hmmm. Maybe you’ll want to ponder over the matter further.

When asking, Can your handwriting reveal fears?, realize that handwriting can reveal much more than fears and defenses. Handwriting can reveal your mental processes, emotions, integrity, social traits, and much more.

To learn more about what handwriting reveals, as well as more about fears and defenses, check out FrogScratch, Handwriting Analysis.

To see what fears and defenses your handwriting reveals, click here

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