Casual Dating Dos and Donts Show How Humor Can Enhance Relationships

Casual dating dos and donts can help you enjoy the fun times. They act as guideposts and give subtle, and not so subtle, hints when dating. Dating tips can cover any imaginable subject. 

For instance, you remember these that your mother taught you, don’t you?

  • Don’t talk with your mouth full.
  • Don’t point. 
  • Don’t stare at anybody.
  • Do sit like a lady. 
  • Do be kind to animals.
  • Do help the elderly cross the street.

In order to narrow our focus, here we will discuss the casual dating dos and donts of using humor. Everybody likes a great laugh. Remember Uncle Fred, how he guffawed at anything only slightly funny? 

(He was probably, unknowingly, lowering his high blood pressure at the same time.) It was amusing just listening to his laugh rather than at that which he was laughing.

Humor is relaxing and affords a sense of acceptance and distance from life’s demands. Casual dating dos and donts will keep these points in the forefront of your mind.

My father loved humor and it came naturally to him. Children as well as adults flocked to him because they enjoyed his dry humor. Children called him Uncle Bubba even though he was no kin to them.

The art of making people laugh acts as a mood enhancer, if only temporarily. And people know that when they laugh their body resets itself, turning stress into peacefulness.

When you’re in a good mood, things just seem to go right. You become more energized, more pleasant, less of a worrier.

This is why people enjoy going out with friends, to feel the fun side of life, away from concerns about bills, car repairs, and such.

This is the value of casual dating dos and donts.

 Adhere to These Casual Dating Dos and Donts if Humor is to be Used Effectively…

Check out these dos:

  • Do use humor that your date can relate to. If he is from another culture, he may not understand what you mean when you say, “Let’s get started on our bucket list.”
  • Do use humor that is self-deprecating. This is humor in which you make fun of yourself; for example when you say, “I must be as dumb as a box of rocks!” But only use this type of humor if you can openly laugh at yourself and don’t mind someone else laughing at you. 
  • Do use humor, which leaves you vulnerable. This is when you can relate a story about yourself, which can be very embarrassing or dire but told in a humorous way. (I give a story about myself below.)

Now check out these don’ts:

  • Don't laugh at the expense of another. It may offend him or her. All humor is not done in good taste.
  • Don't use cross-cultural humor that won’t translate. The lack of understanding on the other person’s part will cause an otherwise humorous tale to get lost in the mire of misunderstanding.
  • Don't use humor when sensitive issues are at hand. Racial jokes and controversial topics tend to offend many.

My sister’s granddaughter sent her—and a couple of other family members—an email that showed an ape eating nuts. The granddaughter wrote beneath the email that this was her grandmother. While the granddaughter, a young adult, felt that this was a funny meme, her grandmother did not agree and was deeply insulted.

It may take many apologies, the offering of gifts, and much time, in order to try to reestablish a relationship. And even if the relationship is established, the incident is often not fully forgiven or forgotten. 

The use of everyday dos and don’ts, when it comes to the use of humor, extends to casual dating dos and donts. It’s good to use thought before stepping out there with a meme or a joke. If it can be even partially questionable, it’s best to leave off the joke. 

As a young, shy adult, I’d gotten a job in a doctor’s office. I would call patients from the waiting room, put them in an examination room, and take their blood pressure and temperature.

One day I called a woman in who had a child with her of about 10 years old. About four other family members crowded in with the woman and child. Upon seeing the crowd, the doctor, usually a very affable man, became very stern and said, “Except for the mother and daughter, everyone else will wait in the waiting room!!!” 

Moments later, the doctor opened the door and peered into the waiting room. He said to me, “Margaret, I didn’t mean for you to go out too.”

This was one of my most embarrassing moments. Imagine, the doctor’s aide sitting in the waiting room, thinking he’d meant for me to go out too. I’ve related this story many times over the years. It never fails in its role as humor.

You can relate humorous tales to your family and friends and acquaintances. But save the real funny for your hunny.

“If you are lonely, dim all the lights and put on a horror movie. After a while it won’t feel like you’re alone anymore.” –

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