Casual Dating Fun Venues

Casual dating fun begins after strangers go through steps of getting to know one another. First steps are crucial in order for them to build a deep relationship.

As one stage unfolds and morphs into the next one, trust, honesty, openness, and intimacy deepen. According to Skills For Independent living, The 5 Steps of Friendship, these steps are spelled out.

Step 1. Strangers. When people meet for the first time, they are strangers who reveal little information about themselves. They speak about general, non-controversial topics. However, if these strangers feel that they have common interests, they may be willing to meet again. If the relationship goes well, it moves on to the next step.

Step 2. Casual Acquaintances. Here the couple is still cautious about revealing intimate details about themselves, but they do share more of themselves than when they were strangers. However, the conversation will remain relatively light. If the knowledge they do share with one another continues to hold their interest, they may see each other once or twice a week and proceed to step 3, the Friend stage.

Step 3. Friend. During the Friend stage, each shares more personal information, even intimate details, while trusting the other to keep their secrets. The pair is more spontaneous and can share some stories about their life, even painful information. As romance enters the picture, they may hug and kiss. The next stage is Deep Friendship.

Step 4. Deep Friendships. At this stage, two people have been through “thick and thin.” They know many intimate details about each other and are still okay being together. There’s a deep mutual trust for each other and romantic intimacy results.

Step 5. Self-Intimacy. Self-Intimacy is what the title suggests. It includes only yourself. There are secret dreams and hopes that only you know, that you do not share with anyone else. In this final step or anatomy of friendship, the deepest most intimate friendship is with yourself.

If you’re looking forward to casual dating fun and have progressed through levels from strangers to casual relationship to friendship, and finally to deep friendship, then you’re ready to enjoy it. Looking for places to go for fun may necessitate creativity.

Check Out These Casual Dating Fun Places to go When Dating 

There are endless places to go to on a date. There are the usual haunts such as movies or the mall or parties. Of course, there are places to go that offer a little more than just the ordinary.

One casual dating fun place is the amusement park. It is a fun place that lends itself to laughter and spontaneity and playfulness especially when going with a friend with whom you’ve formed a deep relationship. Day trippin’ at an amusement park can form pleasant memories that will be forever cherished.

Museums offer great cultural experiences. The entry fee is often free or nominal. Here are just a few types of museums that casual dating fun seekers can choose to attend. Of course, each type would depend upon the couple’s interests.

  • ·      Toy museum
  • ·      Wax museum
  • ·      Aviation museum
  • ·      Food museum
  • ·      Art museum
  • ·      Beer museum
  • ·      Garden museum
  • ·      Industry museum
  • ·      Science museum
  • ·      Sports museum
  • ·      Video game museum
  • ·      Wine museum
  • ·      Equestrian museum
  • ·      Zoology museum

Vanessa and Victor are long time seekers of casual dating fun. They spend a lot of time together finding  creative venues. Victor surprised Vanessa with a visit to the Lion Habitat Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both are animal lovers and Vanessa was delighted to see ostriches and quail, but she was overjoyed to meet the big cats—male and female lions numbering more than sixteen. Some of the cats even roared a greeting upon their arrival.

Vanessa got a chance to pet the young 15-foot male giraffe named Ozzie, while feeding him romaine lettuce. The outing was one of their fondest casual dating fun memories.


Being adventurous and energetic, Vanessa and Victor plan to go hiking. After that, they have their sites on skydiving.

What are some of your favorite destinations that you think would account for great casual dating fun?

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