Casual Dating Tips for Black Women Can Breathe Life Into Their Relationships

These casual dating tips are meant to help smooth out the wrinkles in your relationships. What you focus on, you get more of. If you view the world as hostile, you will meet hostility at every turn. The converse is true as well.

And when you focus on a mixed bag of good and not so good happenings, you will also meet with these experiences.

Casual dating tips highlight the necessity of focusing on the good that you see in your surroundings including people. This way, a positive mindset becomes a way of life and your casual black dating experiences stand a better chance of succeeding.

When you meet someone, you generally size him up. Often you pick out the negatives in the individual first.

You notice that your blind date, for instance, seems a bit too reticent. And when he speaks, he avoids eye contact. This may be a turn-off for you.

“Rare is the person who can weigh the faults of others without putting his thumb on the scales.” –Byron J. Langenfield

But not so fast! He could just be having a bad day or a bad case of nerves.

Try to move past your initial impressions. What positive attributes do you notice about him?

However, this is one of the casual dating tips that also stresses that you should not overlook any obvious signs that seem to carry a vibe of danger. Your intuition is one of your best friends and it should not be ignored.

If you’re unsure about something or someone, hit that pause button—not the snooze one. Keep your antennae up. What is your intuition saying? What are your eyes saying? If things seem and appear okay, then let the black dating experience unfold.

Women generally appreciate a masculine man and one with whom she can get along. The world has enough chaos in it.

The man she wants provides her with a nonjudgmental listening ear and a soft and safe place to land. And in order to find this man, she needs to remain focused and positive.

  Casual Dating Tips Show Qualities to Look for in a Guy

Great qualities in a guy show that he…

  • Is going somewhere. He’s got solid plans for the future.
  • Pays attention. He notices his surroundings, including her. He strives to make situations better.
  • Is compassionate. He feels love for nature and feels the pangs when there are signs of decimation and unfairness.
  • Is a protector and a problem solver. He feels that it’s his responsibility to care for property and those who depend on him to make life better.
  • Is flexible and open-minded. He’s willing to concede his opinion when he feels he’s wrong.
  • Presents himself well. He practices good hygiene. He’s well spoken.
  • Shows leadership qualities. He has a knack for diffusing situations. And when a problem occurs he strives to get to the root of it.
  • Pays attention to his health and is aware of the consequences of not doing so.
  • Knows the value of money and spends and saves wisely.
  • Explores his world. He’s a knowledge seeker, not a couch potato.
  • Is good-natured, puts others at ease, and is humorous.

Since women are not perfect, they cannot expect perfection in a man. Perfection does not exist in this dimension.

However, these casual dating tips state that the true mark of a man consists of a variety of attributes as those mentioned above. But he need not have them all to be a keeper.

It is wise to focus on those attributes that are positive and to minimize those that are works in progress.

Gazing in the right direction, focusing deeply into what you may have missed at first, can not only breathe life into a relationship, but it can also resuscitate a failing one. 

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