Come Be My Lover, and Let Me Write You a Love Letter

Come be my lover is a phrase many women have on their lips when they see a guy they would like to be with. He may be real or someone they’ve dreamed up in their mind.

She imagines the good times they’ll have together—the places they’ll go and the things they’ll do. She will have far-reaching and well-thought-out plans for him.

Women are said to be emotional. Perhaps it’s better to say passionate. And when that passion extends beyond her emotional borders, she can be heard to say, “Come be my lover, and let me write you a love letter.”

Plato said it best: “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”

What is a love letter but a poem? The letter doesn’t have to remotely approach the caliber of poems which Frost, Shakespeare, Nikki Giovanni, and other great poets wrote.

What is poetry anyway? It’s an art form that melds together image and words and rhythm. Poetry is literature that embodies intense expression of feelings and ideas by the use of a distinctive style and meter.

Yes, a love letter is a poem in disguise.

Come be my lover is a wonderful way to begin a love letter. This love letter might not end up as literature in the traditional sense but your goal might not have publication as its end game. The letter is to convey an expression of love in a meaningful, heartfelt way.

This expression can be unbridled and metaphoric: "I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead…” Sylvia Plath

Or it can be downright specific: The rain will calmly fall over our large old window…” –Lucy Torres

Love letters are written forms of flattery for the intended. The author’s heart opens and dictates to the pen what to put down on paper.

In a casual dating relationship, starting a love letter with the words, come be my lover is a bold start. It’s a flirty, gentle, and teasing command that encourages a favorable response.

You don’t have to send the love letter if he’s a real person. You can keep it in a special box and even create other letters to put there. These love letters can act as inspiration on boring and rainy days.

You can also place them on your vision board to act as a magnet for the Universe to draw that special someone into your world.

Use Love Letters As Affirmations. Come Be My Lover Because…

  • I deserve the utmost happiness life has to offer.
  • I am created to be with the man of my dreams.
  • I believe that with the joy in you and the joy in me, we can hear the songbirds.

It doesn’t matter if your love letter sounds corny or not. It’s your creation. And it doesn't matter whether the guy is real or not. Love finds an outlet for its expression, even if it has to travel around the world to do it.

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