Cursive Handwriting Tells Tall Tales

Through analyzing cursive handwriting, an image of one’s personality emerges. It speaks volumes about an individual, offering to those who can analyze it, many tall tales.

Cursive handwriting is a joining together of letters. In the example below, all letters are connected in the word Thank.

When handwriting is broken, the writing instrument lifts from the script, causing a momentary disconnect before cursive resumes. Notice that the y and o in the word you are not connected.

The s and o in the word so represent print. There is no connection between the letters.

People often write in cursive because it is generally faster to do so. Others prefer to print because print may be easier to understand. Now schools may be phasing out cursive writing.

Nancy Olson, contributor to Forbes, writes, “…since cursive writing (and, thus, reading cursive) is not formally taught any longer and was dropped from the Common Core curriculum standards in 2013, I am concerned about the implications.”

Olson says she’s concerned about information locked in cursive code that will not be available to future generations because they will not be able to understand cursive handwriting. This handwriting could include letters from past generations as well as other important historical documents.

The Possible Demise of Cursive Handwriting May Take With it the Ability to Analyze One’s Character In-depth.

Cursive tells many tales about the writer. The printed word also offers up personality traits but not as much as with cursive.

Let’s see what tales we can decipher from the handwriting sample below?

Notice how this individual uses cursive, broken writing and print.

This writer uses a combination of styles; one reason could be that she wants to make sure that her words are clear. She's a perfectionist.

The neatness of the handwriting sample denotes that she’s a person who keeps herself and her surroundings neat.

This individual has a strong sense of humor. The little flourishes that begin the H on the words Happy and Holidays, denote this. The flourish on the K of the word Kwanzaa carries the same meaning.

The e’s are closed or very narrow in her script, denoting that she's uncomfortable entertaining views that differ from her own. She will close her mind to them.

There’re many other tales that this sample can offer about the cursive form as well as the print form. Every letter has a tale to tell.

Is cursive handwriting on its way out? If so, I agree with Olson in that I am concerned with its implications, namely, that the ability to see deeply into one’s character will be compromised.

Again, the printed word will give us tales about personality but not as much as with cursive handwriting. It’s cursive writing that will give us the tall tales.

So is the cursive form of writing headed for extinction like the dinosaur?

Not so fast. There’s an ongoing debate as to whether or not to keep cursive handwriting in schools. Many school districts still teach cursive, feeling that cursive writing helps students to compose their thoughts faster and that they use more words.

Some opponents feel that it’s time to become more modern, to place more emphasis on using computers to write.

Since cursive writing denotes connection, I feel that this connection will keep us in touch not only with ourselves but also with each other. Writing on the computer seems alienating. Our fingers need to touch pen and paper.

Our writing is highly personalized, often representing an art form. When our letters don’t touch, we become out of touch. It creates a distancing. Connecting letters represents connecting with others—the warm touch of togetherness.

Olson, Nancy. "Is Cursive A Curse?" Forbes. August 31, 2018. Accessed March 11, 2019.

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