A Cute Lover Smiles With His Eyes

Looking for a cute lover? Of course cuteness means different things to different people. To some it can mean proportional facial features. To others a cute lover is determined by the way he or she moves, you know, that certain swagger that exudes confidence.

Still others feel that you can determine if he’s a cutie by the way he smiles. Of course it would have to be a genuine smile. Let’s look at different types of smiles.

  • Heartless Smile: This is a fleeting one. It lasts only a few seconds even though he is still conversing with you.
  • Half-hearted Smile: He tries to be polite but his heart is not in it. He may be thinking hard about other matters.

Half-hearted smile

  • Heartfelt Smile: This is the one you’re looking for. It is spontaneous and genuine.

When meeting someone for the first time you often feel a little nervous, wondering how you’ll be received. You’ve heard about first impressions—that you only get one stab at it. 

If someone’s smile is not genuine, you can surmise different things. Perhaps that would-be cute lover is having a bad day or perhaps he’s letting you know that—having sized you up— you’re not the one.

Likewise, it’s important to realize that when you meet someone, how your smile comes across. Is your goal to put the other person at ease by giving him an effortless smile?

The Smile of a Cute Lover Goes to His or Her Eyes

It was over a hundred years ago that a French neurologist, G.B. Duchenne, wrote of the difference between a genuine and a fake smile. He indicated that a genuine engaged the muscles around the mouth and eyes.

Noting this distinction, this type of smile was known as the Duchenne Smile. Further, this type of smile indicated enjoyment, happiness, elation and pleasure.

Duchenne goes on to indicate that the fake smile has much less involvement of the muscles. The fake smile involves the voluntary contraction of the muscles only around the mouth.

Researchers have linked health benefits to the genuine smile. One benefit includes the release of endorphins in the brain that elevates one’s mood.

From the above, perhaps you can understand why the cute lover smiles with his eyes. Who knew that a genuine smile could be linked to the release of endorphins? These are well known to runners and the feeling it gives them is dubbed the runner’s high. Now, it can be linked to why that cute lover smiles so genuinely.

You have undoubtedly gotten an unexpected wide Kool-Aid smile from someone. You turn to see that a baby has given you this type of smile and you smile back or even giggle. This type of smile can make your day. You may think about it long after the event has passed. Sometimes you can recall the incident days later and it still has the ability to brighten your day.

I did not see my paternal grandfather often because he lived over 500 miles from where I lived with my parents. But the times I did visit him as a child, I’ll never forget his reaction to seeing me. His entire face lit up as I climbed into his arms. He made me feel that I’d brought the warmth of the sun with me.

I remember feeling great dread when it was time to leave because it would make him tremendously sad. (I’m sure this wasn’t the case, but it seemed that way.) Many decades after could not erase the tremendous smile he always had for me. He had very strong smile muscles.

The smile can have tremendous power, even healing power. A genuine smile can lift you from the doldrums and can even heal that headache. When you’re giving out that smile, focus. Make sure it will brighten someone’s day. 

A cute lover can look you straight in the eyes, give you that genuine smile and cause youlike the Wicked Witch of the West who's come in contact with water—to melt.

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