Dating a Black Girl Can be a Challenge for the Shy Guy

Dating a Black girl dating can be difficult for some guys since traditionally the male has been considered the pursuer of the damsel. Society expects him to take the lead by asking her to dance or asking for her number.

Some guys shy away from doing this because of repeated rejection, and now they just sit on the sidelines and watch as other guys try their luck at picking up girls.

Although some guys feel that Black girls are a lot of fun to date, they at times find them more judgmental than girls of other races. They also feel that these girls may not be as warm as others because of the hardships they had to endure in life.

Believing this, some males feel the need to approach Black girls with more patience and understanding.

Dating a Black girl has left some males, especially the shy ones, without a voice for fear of being judged and rejected. Guys may adopt the persona of the mime, such as that of Marcel Marceau.

Lets take a look at him…

Marcel Marceau was a mime, born in1923 in Strasbourg, NE France. Marceau created over 100 characters, the most famous being a mime named Bip who was based on a 19th century melancholy vagabond. Marceau portrayed this character in white face and appeared on stage and television the world over.

What exactly is a mime? It’s the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, or emotion without words, using only gesture, expression, and movement. A mime has no auditory voice.

Guys who fear dating a Black girl may play the part of a mime by using expression, such as smiling, but not daring to use their voices.

Another example of a mime is…

 Harpo Marx. He was born in 1888 and in addition to being a mime, he was an American comedian, actor, artist, and musician. He came from a famous family and was the second oldest of the Marx Brothers.

You may remember Groucho Marx, the most famous of the brothers. Groucho and another brother Chico were comediennes who were verbal.

But Harpo’s comedic style was visual. That is, he used clown and pantomime techniques. He wore a curly reddish blond wig and never spoke during performances. He blew a horn or whistled in order to communicate during his routine.

Because he never spoke a word in character, many believed Harpo was mute. But he was not mute and neither was Marcel Marceau. In fact there are radio and TV news recordings of Harpo’s voice that can be found on the Internet.

These men chose not to use their voices because of their careers as mimes. Other times, and in other roles, they did use their voices.

Dating a Black Girl is Not Easy for a Guy Who Chooses Not to Use His Voice

In fact, it’s pretty impossible for him to get the girl when he’s the strong silent type. Here’s what can get him off the sidelines and back into the game of dating a Black Girl. He should…

  • Work on himself. That is, take inventory of his good points and accomplishments and review them until he realizes his self-worth.
  • Not slouch or squirm or give off clues that he’s nervous around females.
  • Not rehash rejections he’s received. He should play them down, not up.
  • Not label himself as being shy. People tend to live up to labels they have come to accept.
  • Be well groomed and well dressed. This makes him feel more confident. Clothes do make the man.
  • Read good books on how to build self-confidence and follow the suggestions.
  • Watch for nonverbal communication to let him know that a female is interested in him. He should understand body language, that is, what he’s giving off and what she’s giving off. She may be giving him “come hither” clues, and he may not know it.

When dating a Black girl, asking the right female for a dance or her cell number, will put an end to, or greatly limit, many rejections he may have been getting.

The silent voices of mimes should be left to dramatic actors such as Marcel Marceau and Harpo Marx.

Total wordlessness has no place on the dating scene. Using voice, one that brims with confidence, increases a guy’s chances of getting the girl. And it makes shyness a distant memory.

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