When Dating a Casual Friend, You May First Need to Get Something Straight

Dating a casual friend can lead to long-term relationships, including marriage. But the two of you may need to get one thing straight first. This involves the world in which you two live.

Who does it belong to—man or woman?

According to James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul,” it’s a man’s world. He sang the song It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World in 1966. It caused a bit of a stir among some people, more women, I think, because he claimed that this world belonged to man.

He supports his argument by singing that man made the cars, the electric light, the train, the boat, and even toys for babies.

However, James Brown, American singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, record producer, and bandleader, does not totally ignore the female.

He says that although man makes all this, it wouldn’t mean anything without women and girls.

  In Dating a Casual Friend, if he Feels This World is His and Not Yours, it Could Cause Dissension 

Often this attitude is not voiced in the beginning of dating a casual friend. It may come out later when the relationship evolves past the casual stage.

If a man feels that it’s his world and not hers, this thinking, which amounts to the exclusion of her on some level, ignites a fire in the relationship.

This fire can be smoldering, that is, burning just below the surface or it can be overt, leading to vocal outbursts.

But not so fast!

There’s another song that came out in 2016 titled, It’s a Woman’s World. BJ, The Chicago Kid sings it. And he sings, “I know you heard that this is a man’s world yeah but this is a woman’s world…”

The Chicago Kid goes on to say that money doesn’t compare, she’s more valuable than a house made of gold, that rareness and beauty are just a few qualities she has.

He continues to extol a woman’s virtues, including her power. Confidently, he claims that it’s a woman’s world.

If you’re dating a casual friend, do you agree with BJ that this is a woman's world but that you’ll allow a man to share it with you? Know, however, that your significant might feel it’s his world. 

This then can present as a standoff. If so, how can there be a meeting of the minds? 

While these differing attitudes on whose world it is might seem trite, or even laughable, some take it seriously. You and your significant other may or may not find this issue to be problematic.

If it is an issue, it needs to addressed and dealt with as to not cause tension in the future.

James Brown and BJ, the Chicago Kid, are exceptional music artists. Their songs may or may not reflect how they really feel about whether or not it’s a man’s world or a woman’s world.

  In Dating a Casual Friend, Know This…

Before your relationship can progress to a more intimate level, you may need to get the debate settled. Most people will not have a problem with the question to whom the world belongs.

But some people will find little things to argue about and feel that all good things belong to them. This narrow-mindedness has cause the downfall of many relationships.

The debate can come to a swift end with a simple realization if both of you are openminded enough to see it.

When you both know that the world cannot be possessed, the debate becomes comes to a screeching halt.

Your relationship, at least in this particular area, can bloom when you and your partner rejoice in realizing that the world belongs not only to men and women, but also to the animals, plants, and minerals as well.

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