Girls Dating Black Guys Will Need to Step into Their World

Are you dating Black guys? If so, you will enter into their world just as they will into enter yours. Many relationships fail from the starting gate when one partner refuses to—or is unable to—adjust to her date’s lifestyle.

Of course it is not to say that you must become interested in everything he’s involved in, but there needs to be some common ground between the two of you that will keep you bonded to each other.

Girls dating Black guys will step into their world. These guys will show them a different slice of life that the girls may not have been introduced to before. This is why it’s said that variety is the spice of life. A guy may want to teach his date to play chess, a thinking game of strategy. He may want to teach her how to sing and record a song. He may even teach her about business and investments.

Burke attended yoga class every week. When he started dating Felicia, he encouraged her to go with him. It wasn’t something that was on her Bucket list but she wanted to get to know Burke better and thought it might be a change of pace from going to the movies, something they did often.

Felicia had to get used to yoga. She became dizzy with doing the Downward-Facing Dog pose and lost her balance when doing the Tree pose. On top of that, there were some poses she didn’t dare attempt.

Felicia felt self-conscious as she watched Burke move through the poses flawlessly.

Over the following few weeks, she thought about quitting but before she did, she discovered two things. One, she was finding the poses easier to do and two; she realized that her body was becoming more toned.

That was the good news. The bad news was that the relationship between Felicia and Burke didn’t last much longer. There was simply not much chemistry between them. They parted amicably.

Interestingly enough, Felicia continued to attend yoga, but attended on a different day from Burke do to her work schedule.

When dating Black guys, girls will often learn from them business opportunities such as real estate investing. Or the need to start one’s own home-based business. Many Black guys are now creating hard goods and selling them online.

Years ago, I dated a guy who loved horseracing. 

Before then, I’d never gone to the track. But going there, I got a chance to see that world, which was so captivating to him. My date took me to the paddock to look at the horses before the race. 

He knew if a horse was going to try its best to win—often it’s tongue had been tied—or if the race for a particular horse was just going to be more or less an exercise and its big race was going to be in a few more days.

I learned to read the horserace program. It was important to know how many times a horse had won before and who the jockey was and other information crucial in making a decision as to if the horse was going to give it its best. 

If it were raining, it was important to know from the horse’s history if it liked to run in the mud. I became very interested in horseracing and just seeing the beauty of the magnificent animals racing down the track made my day.

My interest in horse racing, however, wasn’t a lasting one and I drifted away from the activity. But the memories are sweet and lingering.

  Of Course, Girls Dating Black Guys Should Let Them Into Their World Also

If they’re both college students, and she has great study habits, she can teach them to him if he needs help. If she loves to eat healthy foods and he wants to learn to do the same, she can teach him how to make a vegan pizza and fruit smoothies.

While getting involved in another’s world doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship, it sometimes can. Being amenable to another’s lifestyle denotes flexibility in one’s attitude and an open mind at trying new things.

Have you noticed that nature has many lessons to teach us if we’re alert? A tree that has a hard bark cracks easily while the willow or the bamboo is flexible enough to bend with the wind and the rain.

A willingness to be flexible and to see life from another angle enriches your mind. It adds adventure and knowledge to your awareness.

Girls dating Black guys may enter into a world of music or sports or games of strategy or business and investment opportunities, and will emerge much the wiser.

Flexibility in a stem makes a tree stand in a storm. Flexibility in behavior makes a human win hearts… -

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