Women Dating Black Men Look For Heroes, and They’re Not Often Disappointed

Women dating black men often appreciate that strong buff guy. He represents a man’s man who is capable of solving life’s problems and making all the bad things go away. He’s a hero in her eyes.

Comic book characters like Superman, Batman, and the Black Panther transcend time. They’re not just heroes, they’re superheroes. Superman supposedly can turn back time.


Women dating black men want a hero too. They want him to make a difference in her world. He doesn’t have to be a superhero; an everyday hero works just fine.

Three passengers boarded a small airplane—a minister, a boy scout with a backpack, and a senator. The flight was going smoothly when suddenly the pilot ran to the back and said, “I’ve got some bad news! This plane is going down! There’s nothing I can do.

And what’s worse, there’re only three parachutes on this plane.” He said, “I’ve got a wife and four children; my family needs me.” The pilot then grabbed a parachute and jumped.

The senator pushed past the minister and the boy and said, “I am the smartest senator in the world. I’m going places. This country needs me.” And he grabbed a bag and jumped.

The minister looked at the boy and said, “Son, I dedicated my life to Christ many years ago and I’ve lived a good life. Your life is just beginning. You go ahead, take that last parachute and jump.”

The boy looked up at the minister and said, “Minister, that’s not the last parachute; there are still two. The smartest senator in the world jumped with my backpack.”

Although it apparently worked out for everyone in this scenario, except for the senator, it is hoped that few people will face such a challenge. The minister, a would-be hero was willing to sacrifice himself for the benefit of another.

When black dating, a woman appreciates men who are heroes. They make her feel safer, make her believe that the world she lives in is a good place, give her hope that if she were in a life-threatening situation, someone, a hero, would save her.

There are heroes of the Wild West from yesteryear. The Lone Ranger comes to mind.

There are women heroes as well. Women who are dating black men want them to know that she, too, is capable of doing extraordinary feats. One cannot forget the incomparable bravery of one of the nation’s historical women heroes.

Harriet Tubman was an American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy. She suffered a head injury that left her with epileptic seizures and headaches.

Still, she managed to escape from slavery and made about 13 trips back to the South to rescue an estimated 70 slaves using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. 

She traveled by night, guided by the North Star, trying to avoid slave catchers especially since there was likely a sizeable bounty for her capture. Had she been caught, she would’ve been put to death. But Harriet was never caught.

She braved all these missions as well as being a spy, all while suffering disabling epileptic seizures. What a hero!

Face it! People are smitten by heroes. Most of whom, of course, never gain notoriety. They’re ordinary people. Firefighters brave the flames of burning buildings to save people. Service men and women risk their lives to ensure the liberty of others.

  Women Dating Black Men Can Often Spot a Hero. But Not All Heroes Are Humans

There’s the story about a blind dog that was noodling about the seashore. He heard a human distress call that came from the water. The dog swam out to the woman’s voice and clamped onto her by her clothing. But being blind, he didn’t know which way to take her.

The dog’s owner spotted him in the water and called to him. Homing in on the voice, he swam to shore with the woman in tow. She survived.

There are other heroes too—more subtle types—those who do not risk their lives for us, yet who impact our lives for the better. Heroes make their appearances in medicine. There’s Florence Nightingale and doctors Jonas Salk and Charles Drew.

People are every day heroes to their children, their peers, and to others, although they aren’t often aware of this. And others don’t usually tell them.

Women who are dating black men know that they’re heroes who perform deeds, great and small. Who knows what decisions people will face in their life’s journey.

On some sudden unexpected occasion, men and women alike just might be willing to give someone their parachute instead of their backpack.

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