When Dating the Black Man, Do You Hear the Songbirds?

When dating the Black man, you know you’re in love when you smile in your sleep and smile when you’re awake. It’s a meaningful time when you hear the stars twinkling and songbirds carrying sweet tunes. Life has changed from black and white into living color.

Why are there so many songs about love? It’s because love stirs the emotions. It warms the heart. If you’re in love and dating the Black man, the heady feeling you get can take you on lofty adventures if only in your mind. You dream of possibilities, those things that you two can carry out together.

Nothing seems impossible anymore.

If you're in love, you’re hooked on the love drug—the feel-good endorphin that surges through your bloodstream, enlivens your soul, and makes you realize that you’re alive.

Your voice softens and you behave in a kinder, gentler manner. You and your partner can have secrets to which no one else is privy.

This is why so many songs are about love and why so many people spend their lives searching for it.

When in love, you may forget that you haven't eaten all day. It's so silly sometimes to think about food. You can stand to lose a few pounds anyway.

Funny, isn't it, that most of life's problems seem to take a backseat? 

Those in love and dating can appreciate hearing a beautiful and captivating song titled, Let’s Do It…

The song says, birds do it and bees do it. The lyrics are by Cole Porter. When I ask people what it is that birds do and bees do, they give me many different answers, the most common being, have sex.

While I can see their point, this isn’t the correct answer according to the lyrics. Apparently the people I asked hadn’t heard this beautiful song sung by Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and other fine vocalists.

When you’re dating the Black man, I wonder if he knows what birds and bees do. Hmmm…

“Even educated fleas do it.”

Question: What is it that birds, bees, and educated fleas do?

Correct answer: They fall in love!!!

  When Dating the Black Man, How Can You Tell You’ve Fallen in Love?

If you’re dating the Black man and you think you’ve fallen for him, check out these signs:

  • ·      You think about him all the time.
  • ·      You invest a lot of time and energy in him.
  • ·      It’s hard for you to concentrate on anything other than thoughts of him.
  • ·      His words, simple as they may be, make you gush.
  • ·      You lose romantic feelings for anyone else.
  • ·      You fear his rejection of you.
  • ·      Sometimes your appetite goes away.
  • ·      You avoid your friends in order to be with him.
  • ·      Times goes by fast when you’re together.
  • ·      His glance in your direction brings a rush of warm fuzzy feelings.
  • ·      You put more energy than normal into sprucing up your appearance.
  • ·      The thought of him sometimes makes you blush.
  • ·      You focus on his positive qualities while downplaying his negative ones.
  • ·      You’re possessive of him, becoming jealous at the thought of him being with another.
  • ·      You think about planning a future with him.
  • ·      You become anxious when it’s time for you two to part.
  • ·      You empathize with his problems and pain and take steps to alleviate his hurt.
  • ·      You want sexual exclusivity with him.
  • ·      You’re tempted to say these three meaningful words: “I love you.”

 When dating the Black man and you’re in love, you listen eagerly as the song lyrics continue:

“People say in Boston even beans do it…

Even lazy jellyfish do it…

Electric eels, I might add, do it

   Though it shocks ‘em, I know…

Goldfish in the privacy of bowls do it…”

You might have the following question on your lips:

Question: Do birds and bees and educated fleas really do it?

Answer:   I believe they do. I believe they fall in love.

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