Dating Tips for Black Men Include Learning to be Confident

Dating tips for Black men help to strengthen his chances for a successful dating experience. For some guys dating can spell absolute terror. Just the thought of asking females to dance or chatting them up sends creepy crawlers down their spine.

His insides quake, emitting a silent roar. Guys suffering from shyness and a lack of confidence are often lonely.

Lions have dagger-like teeth. Healthy adult male lions can weigh over 500 pounds and have claws like grappling hooks. Their roar can be heard up to five miles away.

Most sane people fear lions. If a lion were to suddenly appear before you, you would start to sweat, have a tremulous voice, experience nausea, a dry mouth, and your knees would begin to give way.

Interestingly enough, these are the same symptoms—in varying degrees—many guys exhibit when they think of dating. They might look awesomely strong on the outside, but you’ve heard of the cowardly lion, haven’t you?

What makes some men so timid? They have often been put down and laughed at.

The purpose of writing about dating tips for Black men is to help them explore some of the underlying causes of feeling shy and intimidated.

According to Glenn Croston, Ph.D., author of The Real Story of Risk: Adventures in a Hazardous World, the answer may lie in our remote past, in our evolution as social animals. Croston states that humans evolved over the last few million years in a world filled with risks, such as starvation and sharing the environment with fierce predators.

One common defense to predation displayed by primates and other animals was to live in groups where members could alert each other to predators and help fight them off. Getting kicked out of a social group probably spelled death for early humans.

Alone, the animal would be unable to protect itself from predators, unable to garner enough food for itself, and it usually died within a short period of time. 

This led to humans and other large primates to become social.

According to Croston’s theory, today, when faced with taking risks, such as dating, guys sometime break into a sweat because of fear of being ostracized by them--you know, girls may think they’re total dorks.

When news of this is posted on social media for the cool guys and girls to see, the shy guy is laughed at and ostracized. He still fears ostracism at a primal level because if not accepted by the group, he’s uncool, an outsider who, if not downright laughed at, is shunned.

So how do you conquer the frightful beast of shyness? How do you get the lions to stop roaring inside you? How do you shut the mouths of the lions?

One of the Dating Tips for Black Men is This: Please Don’t Feed the Lions!

Let’s explore another one of the great dating tips for Black men to add to his Conquering List. Not only will this tip will help him to rise above shyness when it comes to dating, but it will also help him in other aspects of his life where he needs to be in the company of people.

Toastmasters International is an organization dedicated to helping people overcome the fear of public speaking and to instill leadership qualities. At the meetings, you can conquer your fright by giving speeches in front of, and receiving feedback from, encouraging, nurturing, and non-judgmental Toastmaster members.

Men, do you feel the roar of lions when you’re dating? Then let your Conquering List help to quell it and become your wellspring from which a perpetual stream of self-confidence flows. Let your list help bring out the cool in you.

Dating tips for Black men include feeding into the opportunities that are available to them.

Black men, feed your mind with positivity. Feed into a plan to stop your knees from buckling.

But please, don’t feed the lions!

Croston, G., & Ebsco. (2014). The Real Story of Risk: Adventures in a Hazardous World. Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books.

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