Handwriting Analysis Articles Help You to Learn About Yourself and Others

Great handwriting analysis articles tell how the strokes you make from your writing instrument reveal personality. Handwriting analysis has been around for ages, has fascinated many people, and has continued to fascinate.

You may wonder how a few scribbles of your handwriting can reveal character traits so personal that even your close family members don’t know about you.

Also, handwriting analysis articles can lead you to discover many traits about yourself that you didn’t know you possessed. You may have suspected, or have been told, that you were stubborn, but you didn’t really think this was the case. But your handwriting can out you.

Below are just three brief summaries to the many handwriting analysis articles that you’ll find on the DatingWit site. The links are clickable. I’m sure you’ll find them to be insightful when you’re involved in casual dating or even in a long-term relationship.

The First of the Handwriting Analysis Articles is Titled: Handwriting Analysis for Lovers—What Romeo and Juliet Can Teach You

This article focuses on the fictional characters, Romeo and Juliet, in Shakespeare’s play. The article highlights the couple’s impulsivity since they decide to marry after knowing each other for only one day.

Of course there’s no sample of these fictional character’s handwriting, but if there were, it would undoubtedly show impulsivity. To learn more about these lovers and how to determine the trait of impulsivity in writing, click here.

The Second of the Handwriting Analysis Articles is Titled: Handwriting Analysis For Uncovering Personality Shows He Needs His Space

This article explores why your lover may suddenly announce that he needs his space. You may not have seen that coming. Often these people are loners.

If you’re a loner yourself, you tend to guard your privacy. And if you feel someone is too controlling, you’ll sever the relationship. It’s common for people to want their space from time to time, but the loner feels that time alone is crucial to his well-being.

Handwriting analysis will uncover the loner. Click here to uncover this personality trait.

The Third of the Handwriting Analysis Articles is Titled: The Slant of Your Handwriting Reveals Your Degree of Friendliness

This article highlights the slant of handwriting as it relates to friendliness. The more your writing leans to the right, the more others perceive you as being friendly. If extreme, however, you’ll likely display a hysterical nature.

If your handwriting leans to the left, it means you’re more reserved with your emotions and may come across as not being very friendly.

If it leans to the extreme left, you might be uncomfortable interacting with anyone and you may become a recluse.

Vertical handwriting shows you’re somewhere in the middle.

For more detailed information on the slant of handwriting, click here.

The brief summary of these three handwriting analysis articles gives you a sneak peek about what can be determined in an analysis. There’s much more that you can discover. Learning is fun as well as informative.

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