Handwriting Analysis for Lovers… What Romeo and Juliet Can Teach You

Handwriting analysis for lovers yields a compatibility report that gives detailed information about the two who are involved in a relationship.

For instance, this compatibility study generates a report that analyzes her handwriting, denoting her personality traits. Ditto for him. Next, the compatibility study reveals a third report.

This third analysis highlights areas of compatibility, pinpointing those traits that make their relationship work. It reveals challenges the couple may have as well.

For instance, the analysis may show both to be loquacious (talkative) and sociable. But it may also show that she’s critical and that he’s sensitive to criticism.

Unless she has traits in her personality to curb her tendency to criticize, dissention will come between the two. If he’s generous with money and she’s frugal, they will likely butt heads in this area.

People are naturally curious about what their handwriting will reveal. Some are skeptical until an analysis uncovers startlingly accurate information that they felt sure no one would ever know. These include their fears and how they try to escape from them.

What exactly can be uncovered in a handwriting analysis for lovers? An endless number of personality traits. If you wonder about a personality trait, it can probably be detected. For instance, the trait of anger shows in the writing of someone who grapples with it.

And the longer the handwriting sample, the more traits are revealed, which will denote their strength in one’s personality.

Handwriting Analysis For Lovers Reveals Surprising Traits

Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters in Shakespeare’s play. They are famous historic lovers. Of course, if they were real characters and if we had a sample of their handwriting, we could study their traits and get detailed information about their personalities.

We could get a sneak preview as to how they interact with each other in terms of the qualities they share as well as the challenges that could cause a disruption in their lives as a couple.

These lovers, after having known each other for only one day, decided to marry; the urgency perhaps stemming from the ongoing feud between his and her families. A good old fashion family feud. (No, Steve Harvey did not host this one.)

You know how it is: parents tell their daughter to stay away from a certain young man. But she rebels and sneaks off to spend even more time with him.

The couple’s quick marriage denotes impulsivity. Their handwriting would have revealed it. We look to the slant of the writing to determine this trait. Handwriting that is slanted considerably to the right foretells impulsivity.

I covered slant in a previous article. Find it here.

The trait of passion shows in writing. Romeo and Juliet were so passionately in love with each other that this trait would’ve made itself known in their handwriting analysis for lovers report as well. Passion is shown by heavy writing. Here’s an example:

However, it’s worth noting that love takes time to grow. What our couple experienced was not likely true love, having known each other for only one day. Did they have passion? Yes, but it may have been a passion to escape their situation; or the passion of hatred for certain people in their lives.

Were they impulsive? Yes indeed.

While Romeo and Juliet’s relationship went swiftly from love at first sight, to marriage, to consummation, it ended almost as swiftly, culminating in a double suicide. This is one outcome, although extreme, of unbridled impulsivity and passion.

Relationships don’t have to end in tragedy. People should get to know themselves. If they’re impulsive, they can take steps to curb it. If they’re overly passionate, they can take steps to mitigate that as well.

Couples will do well to avoid rushing from casual dating into marriage. They should live life with a heavy dose of objectivity, by taking a long, hard look at Romeo and Juliet.

In the words of Shakespeare, “Young men’s love lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.”

I will add that young men’s love (passion) also lies in their handwriting.

As stated earlier, handwriting analysis for lovers yields a report on areas of compatibility as well as conflicts in the relationship. This report may uncover red flags that may suggest termination of a relationship.

For more on slant and heavy writing, check out my book: FrogScratch: Handwriting Analysis.

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