If Your Handwriting Is Broken, Here’s What It Means…

If your handwriting is broken, it tells a key thing about your personality. Broken handwriting is when there is a break or a space in a word when writing in cursive. (See example below.)

Man constantly searches to know himself. It’s a lifelong endeavor. Man has turned to astrology in order to study his sun sign, seeking to uncover crucial information about himself.

Man has also turned to science to the study of anatomy and physiology, determined to understand the workings of his body. He wants to know why his body hurts sometimes. He wants to find out what makes his body do the things it does.

Man approaches handwriting for the same reason—to find out what makes him tick. He asks the question, “What does it mean when my handwriting is broken?” The answer is that it means that he’s intuitive. Intuition, according to Dictionary.com, “is a direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.”

Many people whose handwriting is broken will attest to having a certain feeling or hunch about certain situations in which they’re involved. Physiologically speaking, these intuitive souls may also experience having the hairs on the back of their necks stand up when in a certain situation. This situation may not have any outward signs of a threat but as it turns out later, the situation proved to be precarious.

Look at your handwriting. Do you see breaks in it? If so, then you’re intuitive. Pay close attention to your feelings or hunches at all times, especially when you’re involved in the casual dating scene.

How often the breaks occur in your writing denote how intuitive you are. The spacing is also telling. If there is a wide space between the breaks, it indicates that you’re “listening” longer. This “listening” means you’re receiving or “downloading” information or instruction, subconsciously, from a Divine source.  

One of Abby’s friends introduced her to Lenny. From the start, she felt uneasy being around him but she couldn’t say why. He was a handsome man with an easy-going demeanor. There was nothing physical about him that would alert her to his not being good for her.

It didn’t take long, however, for her to realize that he had an anger problem, triggered by the slightest incident. When at a restaurant, if his food was not to his liking, he would erupt with a tirade of unkind words to the server.

Abby wasn’t immune to his outbursts either. She never knew what would set him off. Sometimes it was just a matter of sharing an opinion with him that was different from his own. His eruptions grew to the point that she didn’t feel safe around him. In the end, she needed to take out a restraining order on him.

Look also at your date’s handwriting to see if he’s intuitive. The more you know about him, the better. If both of you are intuitive, this means you have more in common.

  To Get A Better Understanding of if Handwriting is Broken, Look at the  words below: are getting adopted.

Note the breaks between the e and the t and the n and the g in the word getting, as well as the break between the two ts. There are also breaks between the a and d and the d and the o in the word adopted.

Realize that when handwriting is broken, we’re talking about breaks in the handwriting, and not printing. Of course printing will be broken and in this case, it does not denote intuition.

When dating, make use of your intuition. Listen to it and make it one of your best friends.

To have a handwriting analysis done, click here.

For more information about intuition, check out my book FROGSCRATCH.

Here’s a fun quote from Pinterest: “Your gut knows what’s up. Trust that bitch.”

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