Life After Your Lover Walks Out Can Get Complicated

Life after your lover walks out can leave you with a jumble of emotions. These emotions swirling together somewhere deep inside your psyche can release the waterworks of tears. Questions rush to the forefront of your mind but the answers you uncover are fragmented and lacking in substance.

Life after your lover walks out might find you needing to redefine yourself, especially if the two of you had been together for some time. If your relationship was more than just a casual dating relationship, the healing process will take longer.

Some people are destroyed by the abandonment and are never the same, refusing to put themselves through possible trauma again. They turn their back on dating, preferring to go it alone.

Life After Your Lover Walks Out, What will it Mean For You?

Getting rid of his belongings—the ones he didn’t take with him when he left—may be especially challenging. You may stumble across a hat that you bought him when the two of you vacationed in Costa Rica. It may bring back a torrent of nostalgic memories.

What about that photo that shows the two of you smiling when hiking and you were secretly making plans for your wedding? It may be best to box those items away until you can sort through them with less emotion.

When you can, you should forgive him. It doesn’t mean calling him on the telephone to tell him this. But forgive him in your heart. Resentment will hurt you more than it will hurt him, and it will prevent you from getting over the experience and moving on to a healthy one.

Life after your lover walks out might have you scrambling for ideas on how to regain control over your sanity. I recently wrote an article about heartbreak. This article offers advice on the methods one can take in order to avoid retaliation, avoid completely falling apart, and how to jumpstart the healing process.

Read the article here:

When Your Dating Experiences Lead to Heartbreak.

It’s important to keep a close eye on your relationship. It is going in the direction that it should be going? Is your intuition telling you that something is amiss? Do you have an open communication with your partner? Do you laugh and talk often or is your relationship constantly strained?

There are usually signs one way or another. If he often brings you little gifts, it shows he’s been thing about you.

If he does little things, perhaps wash your car, it shows he’s been thinking about you. However, if he doesn’t call you often or when you call him, he rushes off the phone, these are signs that alert you to a troubled relationship.

Does he invite you into his world? He invites you into his world by introducing you to friends and family. And by suggesting trips or other activities that he’d like you to be a part of with him.

Or does he keep you out of his world by giving excuses as to why he can’t be with you? And as stated above, he’s often rushed. He will avoid spending quality time with you, saying he’s working overtime or is tired.

Do this relationship check-up often. Let your intuition help you. When you’re observant and on your dating A-game, life after your lover walks out, won’t be as complicated because you would have foreseen it and prepared for it.

You might have made the move first to get out of the relationship that was heading nowhere. His walking out might have even been avoided if the failing relationship could’ve been understood and nurtured.

Sometimes, of course, you don’t see a breakup coming. But you can still recover and move on with the right attitude. Life, though, sometimes has these experiences for you to deal with. And It watches to see how you handle them. Sometimes, the best thing that happens when he walks out the door is that it lets good things come in.

“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” –Dr. Steve Maraboli

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