If You Love Funny Memes, You’ve Come to the Right Place 

Spoonin' with my boo

Do you love funny memes? There are good reasons to. One is that memes “emotionalize” us. They make us feel. They make us come alive. They stirs our emotions.

A meme is a piece of media that is shared over the Internet thanks to interest by online users. Memes usually mimic and/or find humor in a concept, phrase, people, or activity.

The meme can be an image, video, website, or hash tag and a popular one often quickly goes viral via social networks and blogs. No subject is safe from memes. People love funny memes and relate to their witticisms and enjoy sharing them with others in order to brighten their day.

Humor goes a long way in a relationship. It breaks the ice in awkward situations. Lovers often relax with humor unless they are the one targeted for a joke. Humor acts as a buffer when life decides to show its gritty side, which can come all too often and all too sudden.

But even when matters seem weighty, creative minds can lighten the load by turning to pleasantries.

  It’s Time to Love Funny Memes!

Often memes highlight our favorite movies. Who doesn’t remember Jack Nicholson (Jack Torrance) playing a starring role in the movie, The Shining? He got trapped in a maze and could not find his way out. What makes this meme work is that this guy terrorized his family and we do not feel sorry for him.

The ending, with him sitting frozen in the snow, is dramatic and unforgettable. It would be surprising if this scene were not captured in a meme.

This meme represents the epitome of giving a guy the cold shoulder. The exaggeration makes us love funny memes.

When do you need to call upon a meme for support or inspiration? Consider these times:

 ·      When your boo hasn’t called you in a while and you’re feeling perplexed.

·      When you can’t fit into that dress and it’s Saturday night.

·      When he gives you flowers but picked them from your own garden.

·      When you’re the Maid of Honor and you just chipped a front tooth.

·      When you’re ecstatic that you won an exotic vacation for two!

·      When you’re bored and restless and need something to do.

·      When you’re beginning to fall in love and you’re feeling poetic.

·      When you’re in a great mood but for once, Fido doesn’t want to play.

Have fun with your partner by creating memes. Humor can bring you closer but care is needed here. If he makes you the brunt of the joke—or vice versa, —it might result in no one laughing. Not cool.

Sarcasm or extreme biting remarks will not be appropriate to foster a successful relationship. Humor must be carried out in good taste.

Boo and me dancing the Dougie

In order to love funny memes and to extract their essence, it’s necessary to train your focus on the silver lining when unfortunate circumstances threaten to derail your life.

The silver lining is always there. Look for it. Find it. Keep focused on it and it will gravitate toward you.

When you find the silver lining, congratulate yourself and toast the occasion by writing a dynamic meme or two!

  Let Loose and Love Funny Memes; They Will Repay You With Chuckles

 Our fruitful relationship

Fun and playfulness comprise the beating heart in a relationship. Relationships become stronger when people become comfortable with each other. And humor acts as the tie that binds.

Memes add more than their two cents.

 When Boo is late and I ain’t ate

I fear the day when people post memes with quotes I never said. –Albert Einstein (imgflip.com)

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