The Meaning of Lover Has More Than One Implication

The meaning of lover, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “a partner in a romantic or sexual relationship.” Merriam-Webster also states that the word lover may also involve a married person who has a love affair. Additionally, a lover is also one who loves something, as in a lover of flowers. 

In casual dating, the meaning of lover can indicate that one is the boyfriend or girlfriend of the other. This boyfriend or girlfriend can be someone with whom the other wants to hang out with or who each can enjoy an intimate relationship with the other.

A romantic relationship can involve handholding, cuddling, kissing, massaging, sexual intimacy, and other forms of touch. 

A good relationship involves trusting each other with secrets. Each will listen to what the other has to say, will keep the secrets, and will uplift the other with words or deeds.  

Sometimes the little things mean the most, such as presenting flowers to a loved one or making the partner’s favorite dessert. Dating and friendship make for a strong bond.

  The Meaning of Lover Also Suggests the Desire for a Committed Relationship

 One partner expects the other to be faithful. Being unfaithful can destroy a relationship. Some of the consequences of being unfaithful in a relationship include the following… 

  • The victim of the cheater may have a hard time forgiving him, if she ever can. And if the relationship ends, she often carries into her next relationship, mistrust bitterness, and anger, traditionally called baggage. 
  • The victim’s family and friends often know that her partner has been unfaithful to her, and she becomes embarrassed. She may have a hard time holding up her head around others.   
  • The unfaithful partner in a relationship may give an STD to the other partner. 
  • If the man is married, and is also sleeping with another woman, his wife may find out about the affair. The wife might take action by filing for divorce. One of the other things she might do is sue the mistress—the charge being alienation of affection from her husband.

Tina and Todd had been married for five years. When his brother, Brody, moved in with them, problems started. Tina found Brody to be a good listener and found him to be fun to be around.

When Todd went to work, Tina and Brody found themselves in bed together. Inevitably, one day, Todd came home from work early and caught them having sex.

This destroyed the relationship with his brother as well as Tina, whom he divorced. The lovers ended their relationship despite the fact that Tina discovered that she was pregnant with Brody’s child. 

Tina and Brody had difficulty moving on in their separate relationships because of the heavy burden of guilt. Their self-esteem suffered. Their child would grow up surrounded by a legacy of scandal. 

Another unfortunate possibility that happens all-to-often with a spurned lover is brought about by vengeance and outrage. One lover actually kills the other!  

The meaning of lover, idealistically, would be someone who would make a good partner, someone who would be caring, loving, patient, and have strong moral principles, including being faithful.  

The meaning of lover is also one who makes himself comfortable to be around. She feels safe with him. If there are problems, he’s strong enough and savvy enough to solve them.

 A lover does not take his partner for granted. He lets her know he appreciates her. He brings out the smiles in her.  A lover is smart enough to know that when he uplifts her, she will do the same for him.

If he becomes upset, he will walk away until he cools off. Words said in anger cannot be taken back and will be remembered long after the lovers have reconciled.  

These characteristics exemplify the meaning of lover.

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” –Marilyn Monroe

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