Need Casual Dating Tips and Ideas? Find Some Here…

Need casual dating tips and ideas to create an exciting adventure for you and your date?  Where you choose to go on a date, of course, depends on what you and your significant other enjoy doing or what fits into your budgets. Also where you go depends on what stage you are in your relationship.

You’ll need casual dating tips throughout your relationship in order to keep adventure in your heart. In the beginning of many relationships, individuals avoid going to the movies where they watch a screen instead of having a conversation to discover what makes the other person tick.

With the movie idea taking a back seat, one of the most common dating ideas surrounds food. Your date may invite you out to a restaurant. After a couple of times doing that, and if you’re still interested in each other, you might decide to fix him a home cooked meal.

You’ve heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And you also know that when you plan a meal, you’ll want to engage all the senses.

  Need Casual Dating Tips? Here’re Some on How to Have a Successful Evening…

Sight: Have a clean environment. Food that looks delicious. A romantic ambience.

Sound: Soft mood music, pleasing and not intrusive.

Smell: The wonderful aroma of food. 

Touch: The frosty feel of the glass containing a cold beverage on a hot day. Or the very warm feel of a cup containing a hot beverage on a cold day.

Taste: The taste of great food and drink.

  Need Casual Dating Tips? Let’s Check in With the Three Little Pigs  

You’ve gone rock climbing and have attended open-air concerts. You’re looking for another outdoor adventure.

You go through your list of dating ideas, and stumble upon a possible venture, something you haven’t done before. You run the idea by your date. He likes it. You’re both going to see, among other animals at the Farm Sanctuary in Acton, California, three little pigs.

Some dating ideas can do more than just serve to entertain. They can also provide an opportunity to contribute to the care of animals. In the case of the Farm Sanctuary, rescued farm animals—chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, goats, and, yes, a llama.

On a recent outing to the sanctuary, I encountered three little piggies. (Actually, they weren’t little at all.) One of the two pigs below enjoyed sleeping in the water. The other preferred to put his snout underwater in order to blow bubbles. 

The bubble blowing pig liked to ham it up for the camera. The third piggy was in his barn where visitors came to rub his belly.

When the crowd moved on to the swimming hole, above, where the other two piggies hung out, this one, not wanting to be left out on the action, trotted to the water and rushed in with a splash.

The three little pigs were together at last.

Unexpectedly, I came upon an animal in a barn, standing very still and wearing a fly mask over his eyes. It was a llama. What was he doing here?

I discovered that he was also rescued from a farm and hence his living here at the sanctuary was legitimate. The staff informed me that the llama’s value lay in the fact that he acted as a shepherd. Coyotes, she said, were known to attack the farm animals, but for some reason, they’re shied away from the llama.

Maybe it was because the fly mask was off-putting to them, I thought.

Need casual dating tips? Other dating ideas for animal lovers can include a day at the Lion Habitat in Las Vegas. Besides seeing lions, you can pet Ozzie the giraffe and feed him romaine lettuce. You can also watch him paint pictures with a paintbrush held in his mouth. He’s quite the artist.

Regardless of the dating ideas you come up with, a day with the animals enriches your dating experience and it makes them feel special too. One will blow bubbles for you, while another will paint you a picture.

“A cat will look down to a man. A dog will look up to a man. But a pig will look you straight in the eye and see his equal!” –Sir Winston Churchill

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