Mastering Nonverbal Communication Goes Far in Understanding Women

Nonverbal communication is a silent language of signals. These signals or movements of the body give clues to what individual is feeling.

If men could interpret some of these gestures that women give off unconsciously, he could decipher some of the inner workings of her mind. Otherwise as some men seem to think: Dating women is a game, a losing game.

According to one man, “The problem in dating women is that they won’t give an indication that they like you. Sometimes they act too cool and play too hard to get. It’s all a game.”

While this may be true to a certain extent, and in some instances, women do give indications of their interest in a man, but many of their indications are through nonverbal communication. Men often don’t pick up on the signals that women give off.

Women, on the other hand, seem to have less of a problem knowing when a man is interested in her. She may be aided by strong intuition. And when she heeds her intuition, she can act on it—that is—keep a conversation going and throw in a bit of flirtatious undertones.

A man’s intuition may be a little less developed, which accounts for his not honing in on many of her nonverbal messages. Some of these, she could almost be shouting from the rooftop.

Kevin stepped up to the counter at the DMV when he saw his number displayed overhead. He asked the woman behind the counter why he had to pay so much to register his car. She explained the reason to him at length. Kevin was concentrating on where he was going to get $400.00 to register his car.

Being preoccupied, he didn’t realize the not-so-subtle nonverbal communication the DMV representative was dishing out. She moved her hair behind her ear with a gentle sweep of her hand and fluttered her fake lashes.

Jeremy picked up on none of this. It’s also possible that the woman didn’t realize she was giving off these signals since they’re largely unconscious.

If men know how to interpret body language, they can take heed to the positive vibes she gives as well as to the negative ones. Sometimes she isn’t interested in his advances and he doesn’t get it.

She may smile at him because she’s friendly and courteous but she’s not looking for love. He may take the smile and run with it, feeling that she’s really into him. When she rebuffs him after he frequently gives his best shots, he’s confused.

But her body language, had he understood it, would’ve alerted him. She never faced him. Her arms were folded in a defensive posture. And after a while, she no longer smiled at him or showed signs of interest. Also, he could’ve noticed the wedding ring on her finger.

On the other hand, just because a woman isn’t smiling at him or isn’t having great eye contact, it doesn’t mean she’s not interested. Perhaps she hasn’t warmed to him yet.

Or she doesn’t know how to break the ice, her verbal skills not being that great. In other words, she might be hesitant about putting herself out there.

  What Other Nonverbal Communication Gestures Does She Show?

Despite her seeming to close herself off, she might actually be trying to show him a little love through nonverbal communication. He should pay close attention if she…

  •  ·      Gushes and blushes when he’s around
  • ·      Faces him
  • ·      Meets his gaze or even avoids it
  • ·      Smiles at him for no apparent reason
  • ·      Doesn’t have her arms and legs crossed
  • ·      Likes to touch him
  • ·      Watches his every move
  • ·      Watches him out of the corner of her eye
  • ·      Gives him her full attention
  • ·      Puts away her cell phone to concentrate on him
  • ·      Fingers her hair
  • ·      Calls attention to her body by showing some skin.
  • ·      Puts her thumbs in the loops of her pants while her other fingers point to her crotch

Of course, the degree in which she displays the above behaviors depends upon how shy or how aggressive she is. And when a man learns to read these nonverbal messages, he starts to understand the mysteries of women.

When dating, men would do well to heed their intuition and hone their powers of observation. Yes, dating may be a game. But it doesn’t have to be a losing one.

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