If You’re Saying, “Please Analyze My Handwriting,” Then Check This Out...

You: Please analyze my handwriting.

Me:  Not a problem.

Handwriting analysis is an amazing craft that studies and deciphers the strokes that make up letter formation. Each stroke—even the smallest—carries a meaning, often a significant one.

The strokes may seem like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, but the meanings are fairly easy to decipher if you have the knowledge. Whether you want an analysis done or you want to learn how to analyze handwriting, this page can help you to accomplish both.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics on Papyrus

Although this site is for entertainment purposes only, you’ll be surprised to learn how much information a sample of your handwriting can uncover. And you’ll know undoubtedly that the information is tailor-made for you!

When you say, ”Please analyze my handwriting,” it’s important for you to know the types of traits I can uncover in your personality. Actually, the number is endless. But here are just a few:

  • Your emotions and how you control them
  • Your mental processes, such as how you think
  • Your fears, including jealousy, a tendency to worry, a tendency to withdraw
  • Your defenses against threats, real or perceived. Defenses include traits such as caution, self-control, and pride
  • Your social traits, such as your use of humor and talkativeness

…and so much more.

Handwriting is really brain writing. The brain uses the hand—or the foot if a person has no hands—in order to construct a picture of the personality of the individual. Personality is what makes everyone different.

Dictionary.com defines personality as: The quality or condition of being a person. The totality of qualities and traits, as of character or behavior, that are peculiar to a specific person. The pattern of collective character, behavioral, temperamental, emotional, and mental traits of a person.

When You state, “Please analyze my handwriting,” You’re Requesting a Deep Look into the Above Traits of your Character.

Let’s peek at a handwriting sample for analysis.

The writing above is from a woman we’ll call Lana. She seems poised most of the time but often suffers from moodiness. She tries to be objective by weighing the consequences of certain actions before she makes a move. But she grapples with this because she feels restless.

The restlessness comes from the fact that many things peak her interest, and she becomes involved in one project after another, often involving groups or organizations.

But this gets her in trouble because she over commits. She runs out of steam, having become so busy that she becomes generally disorganized and has problems remembering what she was supposed to be doing. When confronted by others about this, she makes excuses and becomes evasive. People often view her as being “scattered.”

Lana is very analytical and will spend a great deal of time ferreting out information she wants to know. But she has a habit of jumping from one subject to the other.

Being closed-minded is a trait in which a person does not welcome ideas that are different from her own. Lana has a tendency to be closed-minded. See how closed or nearly closed her e’s are?

People generally view Lana as having a good heart and being generous with her time and money. She works well with her hands and is likely good with arts and crafts.

There are more personality traits that can be determined from Lana’s short handwriting sample, but I analyzed the traits I found to be most prominent. If the sample were half a page or longer, I could have gleaned more information.

People express their amazement at how accurate they feel an analysis captures their core personality. They often state that even their closest friends and family members don’t know much of the information that I reveal in my analysis of their handwriting.

Still asking, “Please analyze my handwriting?” Okie-dokie, then. Let’s do it. Click here:

Please Analyze My Handwriting

Although my home page is titled Casual Dating, this site covers handwriting analysis and body language because these are tools that you might use to understand your date, as well as yourself.

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