The Psychology of Handwriting Determines Behavior From Simple Strokes

The psychology of handwriting deals with the soul of handwriting. This soul is the essence of a matter. According to Wikipedia, the word psychology has Greek origins and means the study of the psyche or soul. Applying this definition, the psychology of handwriting involves studying the strokes that the writing instrument makes and determining the meaning of them.

That which involves the soul or psyche of something is where beauty lies.

 In Greek mythology, Psyche was represented as a princess so beautiful that people cherished her. Aphrodite became jealous and sent her son, Eros, to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest creature there was. But when Eros saw Psyche, he fell in love with her, and they became lovers.

He asked Psyche to never look at him because he was fearful she would see his deceit. But in due time, she did look at him. Eros ran away because of this fear as well as the fear he had of his mother, Aphrodite, and what she would do to him. But Zeus stepped in and made sure that the lovers would be together for an eternity.

  Psychology is the Science of Mind and Behavior. The Psychology of Handwriting Examines the Relationship of Strokes to Behavior.

At first it may seem difficult to see how strokes from handwriting can uncover the personality of an individual. But with the key to understanding, this becomes a fascinating craft that can be learned easily.

When considering casual dating, what does the handwriting say about the individual who provided the sample below?

What is the soul or the essence of the writer? What is prominent here? Heavy writing. This denotes a person who has feelings that will last a long time. He appreciates vivid colors and rich foods. Since the letters are disconnected in places, it shows that he is intuitive.

He may have a tendency to be domineering. But this would be lessened by one of his most striking traits, which is his tendency to be diplomatic. That is, he’s willing to put the needs of others before his own.

Writing that tapers indicates diplomacy. Of course much more writing is needed to do a very meaningful analysis. 

The psychology of handwriting takes a long hard look into the mind of an individual to understand his behavior. His behavior was shaped in childhood as a result of his experiences with family, peers, and authority figures.

He developed fears and defense mechanisms. He developed traits of friendliness or shyness or stinginess or generosity. It all came together to form the complex character that he is today.

Read more about handwriting in the book, FrogScratch: Handwriting Analysis.

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