The Slant of Your Handwriting Reveals Your Degree of Friendliness

The slant of your handwriting reveals more than you might think. It can lean far to the left, far to the right, or somewhere in between. Let’s see what this leaning is all about.

When your writing slants to the right, others see you as being notably friendly. The more it slants in this direction, the friendlier you come across to others.

Extreme right slanted handwriting is the characteristic of one who displays hysteria. You will lose control because you are too highly reactive.

This is not to say that if the slant of your handwriting leans to the left that you aren’t friendly. It’s just that you are more reserved and don’t show your emotions even as much as the vertical writer.

The more the writing leans to the left, the more you are leaning away from people and social situations. You’ve come across people who’ll give you a curt smile and engage in polite conversation. But you’ll feel that this person is distant and has a cool air about him.

Do not confuse him with the person who might just be having a bad day.

If your handwriting leans to the extreme left, you may refuse to engage with anyone. You are reclusive.

If the slant of your handwriting leans neither right nor left, but straight up and down (vertical), you will show friendliness but it will be with reservation of emotion. No running across the room to sweep up someone up in your arms if you’re a vertical—or backhanded writer.

The vertical writer will not come across as friendly as the writer whose writing leans to the right nor as distant as the writer whose writing leans to the left.

In casual dating, you may come across those who don’t show much emotion, including affection, or those who show too much.

Those who show too much tend to smother you and may be a whirlwind of activity. The one whose friendliness is restricted will be less likely to engage in warm conversation.

Many have asked if handwriting changes. It does, especially in the years when you’re maturing. Once you’re an adult, it still may change every few years but perhaps not radically.

As an adult, your handwriting is usually in a set pattern. Occasionally, however, it can change some depending upon your mood.

Our personalities are formed as we mature by interaction with others around us. These include our parents, siblings, teachers, peers, and experiences.

  Sometimes When a Major Event occurs in Your Life, the Slant of Your Handwriting Might Change.

For instance, if you’re involved in casual dating, and he breaks your heart, the slant of your handwriting might be affected.

Perhaps you’re not as friendly now and your writing reflects it by becoming vertical or backhanded. This means that your trust in another, or your willingness to engage with another has become thwarted.

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