What’s a Two-Faced Lover Guilty of? Find Out  Here...

A two-faced lover is one who you feel has betrayed you. Betrayal is a trust-destroying act, an act of disloyalty. It means that your lover has not been truthful to you and is involved with someone else.

You believe that you’re in an exclusive relationship when you’re not.

A two-faced lover has a “main chick” as well as one or more “side chicks.” The main chick is the most important of the women he’s involved with.

If you’re the main chick, he gives you the lion's share of his time. He’s probably introduced you to his family and friends. And the two of you spend quality time together.

If you've taken your relationship beyond just casual dating, you may even share a home.

But what about the side chick?

Here’s proof you’re the side chick…

 If Your Two-Faced Lover Sees You as His Side Chick, Expect This… 

  • He doesn’t spend the night with you. (He might have to get home to the main chick.)
  • You don’t spend the holidays together. He’ll see you the day before or after the holidays. What’s that about? Well, he’s spending holidays with family and the main chick.
  • You tell him that you love him and he doesn’t say it back. Or if he does, it sounds insincere.
  • He doesn’t like taking pictures with you because if you post them on the Internet, his main chick might see them. And you’re not connected on social media because he doesn’t want you on his Facebook page where you can see his main chick.
  • He’s often rushed. His time with you is limited. Does he just do a drive-by banging?
  • He doesn’t like to talk about your future together. You aren’t in his future, his main chick is.
  • If you’re invited to his place, it isn’t often.
  • If you’re not invited to his place, he may say it’s because he has a sister who doesn’t tolerate visitors.
  • He won’t hold your hand in public.
  • He’s protective of his cell phone. He takes measures to keep it locked and also leaves the room to take calls.
  • You suspect him of being a vampire because he only comes around at night and if you go out, it will be on a weeknight, and if in public, out of the way places.
  • He seems distant. He doesn’t connect much with you on a mental or emotional level, just on a physical one.

  A Two-Faced Lover is Guilty of Betrayal

He leads you on, making you think that you’re the only girl for him. But he secretly has someone else who he tells the same thing.

 You know you’re a side chick when…

His parrot keeps calling you Becky, and that ain’t yo name.

  Why Does Your Two-Faced Lover Need a Side Chick?

  • He doesn’t like to be alone. If his main chick deserts him, then he has a spare.
  • He’s cool like that. That is, he’s hot and chicks love him. He’s got to play the part.
  • He has low self-esteem, and having women proves that he’s got what it takes.
  • He’s a player. And in order to prove it, he has to have chicks.
  • He wants to settle down and wants to compare chicks to see which one is a keeper.
  • His main chick is pretty and witty and is a professional. His side chick provides him with home cooked meals, flatters him, and is a great lover.

But to be fair, a two-faced lover is often a woman who has a side guy. With more women in the workplace, they meet more guys and have more opportunities to enjoy the company of more than just one man.

Women are unfaithful for many of the same reasons men are. But the bottom line is the matter of betrayal. Hurt lasts a long time and some women as well men are unable to move past a violation of trust.

When you discover you’ve been “played,” feel free to kiss your relationship goodbye and move on, unless of course, the side chick role is one with which you’re okay.

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